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Gordon Bierch restaurant

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I am going to the springsteen concert on monday. getting tired of clydes and looking at this place online. has anyone tried this place?

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  1. I had a pretty boring chicken sandwich there once and another time I believe I got sliders, which were fine.

    But there are so many options on the area, why Gordon Bierch? What exactly are you looking for, because I bet we can find something better and in the same price range.

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      Word. I'd rather go to Nando's, Matchbox, Asian Spice, Kanlaya, Momiji, Oyamel or even Ella's in the same general price range, unless you're hankering for one of GB's drafts. Any of these is quite close to the Verizon Center.

    2. Go to RFD for beer. Nando's, Kanlaya, Matchbox, Oyamel, Jaleo, or Zaytinya for food.

      1. They have good meatloaf. It is a lot like Clyde's in many ways, but a little different food.

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          One way in which GB is not like Clyde's is that it's part of a national chain -- as is almost every other dining establishment at the new "Annapolis Town Centre" (at Parole).

        2. loud. loud. loud.


          food's OK, was sort of interesting in 1990 in SF in the early days (and that location was loud too)

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            Yup. Loud. And crowded on the weekend. We made the mistake of stopping by on a Friday to get a quick bite and were told the wait for a table was an hour.

            I haven't figured out yet whether it's loud because it's popular, or it's popular because it's loud.

            1. re: monkeyrotica

              that would be a chicken/egg question except for the excess of hard surfaces.

              I want to eat in a padded room - but that's for a different board I suppose.

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                My point is that I've been to many places where the food was secondary to the whole see-and-be-seen aspect. Duke Ziebart's comes to mind, along with a number of steakhouses. Biersch is nice enough for a beer or quick bite on off hours. During prime time it's very clubby, with the requisite cliques scoping eachother out. There's not much actual conversation since you end up screaming at eachother above the din and the televisions and the alcohol-induced deafness. But again, some people deem this a positive, since loudness=hip-and-trendy.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  oh I understood you. maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't really get the loud and crowded = positive vibe thing. actually I never have come to think of it.

          2. RFD for beer and food during Happy Hour, 4-7, is a good choice

            1. OK food, good beer, beautiful setting. I believe it was once a bank and has many of the same fixtures. Matchbox has much better food but GB is a nice place to have a beer.

              1. Whatever you choose, make reservations. The restaurants around the Verizon Center all are packed on the nights of big concerts. We found that out the hard way one time when staying in the neighborhood. Unknown to us until it was too late, there was a Billy Joel concert that night.

                1. It's OK, but you can get better beer at most other beer pubs and lots better food at most restaurants.

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                    I dont know about "most other beer pubs". Which ones did you have in mind? Just in that immediate area you have Cap City and Old Dominion and I would probably say that Gordon Biersch beats both of them strictly on the quality of their beer. RFD you can argue has a better selection of beers but Ill go to RFD when I really want to try something specific. Whereas Ill go to GB when I want a good lager from a place I know does them well. Its nice to have a European style Lager specialist to go to. Everyone makes ales. Only so many places make decent lagers. To be able to get them fresh on tap is a bonus in my book.

                    But then I believe most of what I just said probably isnt relevant to the original question. So unless you are specifically into good lagers (like me) and the food is largely secondary for you then see above for advice on where to dine.

                    1. re: Insidious Rex

                      Well, for example I prefer Rock Bottom in Bethesda and Dogfish anywhere. Cap City has better food, about equal beer. Never ate at OD. Certainly any of them have better drafts than almost any non-brewery.
                      I usually drink ales and non-lager styles, which predominate in these pubs, so I can't compare the lagers, so you may be right about that.
                      Sorry i didn't stay on topic, I stand reported to the teacher.

                  2. I agree with many of the previous posts, the place is very loud, and depending on the time of night, it can get extremely crowded. but it all really depends on what you're looking for. I haven't had a bad experience at GB yet. their steak frites meal is a pretty good deal for the price: a decent cut of steak served on a bed of absolutely delicious garlic fries for 20 bucks. the mahi-mahi sandwich is very moist and tasty as well. i don't know much about the beer, but their cocktails are pretty good too. definitely go for the melon ball, i highly recommend it

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                    1. re: indotalian

                      admittedly, one could do worse. and they do produce good beer. While a cool room I'd angle for table outside personally.

                      1. re: hill food

                        Maybe it's just me, but whenever I get outdoor table service in Penn Quarter/Gallery Place/Dupont, the aggressive panhandlers always zoom in on me. It's gotten to the point where I don't even bother eating outside when I'm downtown.