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May 12, 2009 09:30 AM

Chitown foodies need great food in Marco and Naples

I will be in Marco Island in May for three nights, and one in Naples. We are all foodies, and want great food, in a fun, lively atmosphere...something funky on the water, something upscale, a hole in the wall with character--we like it all. As for food types, we love seafood, Italian (although boht Italain restaurants we ate at in Marco were not every good), Japanese/sushi, Asian, just no French or boring Continental menus, please! We are also in need of lunch spots, too!

As for Naples, something that is more upscale with great people watching, great outdoor dining, or off the beaten path..all are great.

Thank you!

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  1. Snook Inn on Bald Eagle Drive in Marco and Campiello's off 3rd Ave in Naples. You must go a bit further to Bonita Springs and eat at Doc's Beach house. One of the last and only restaurants on the beach in SWFL. Go after 4 for sunset, jerk chicken wings, and FAB pizza!

    1. I thought IM Tapas in Naples was very good - though no outdoor seating or views to speak of. More info here ->

      I had a small meal at A Table Apart in Naples recently which I thought showed promise and charm even if everything wasn't outstanding.

      For a hotel restaurant, I thought Tarpon Bay in the Hyatt Coconut Point in Bonita Springs was pretty good, with a strong seafood focus (lots of ceviches and a broad selection of fish entrees).

      Here's an older thread where I was doing some advance scouting on Marco, Naples and Bonita Springs.

      1. I'm from Chicago and recommend Campiello for 1 night's dinner. The food is Chicago quality upscale Italian with a wood burning oven. They have great people watching on their outdoor patio-although the beautiful people may be a bit older than what you see in Chicago. The other suggestions for restaurants in Bonita Springs were good, but I'd stick with downtown Naples-unless of course you are staying further north and don't want to make the drive.

        If you have time for lunch in Naples, Tommy Bahamas has excellent food with another nice outdoor patio, across from Campiello. The Dock in Old Naples is on Naples Bay and has good food. More upscale would be Gumbo Limbo in the Naples Ritz, overlooking the beach and the gulf.

        Go White Sox!

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          Thank you for the recommendations. I think we'll go to Campiello's in Naples. We still have three nights in Marco and need some upscale dining options, but something more modern than Marco Polo.

          How is The Little Bar in Goodland?

          1. re: ljero

            Little Bar is a biker dive bar. I don't know that you go there to eat but they do have a limited menu. Fun place but probably dead until late fall.

            Marco isn't like Naples. Few "upscale" places, if I understand your definition to be like Campiello. Marco is more of a Snook Inn type of place. We have gone there for years. I worked on the original hotel there (now Marriott) and had to go by launch to get to the job site. I like Quinn's on the beach at the Marriott, but again, this is not fine dining. Beach dining. Kurrent's is the best the hotel has to offer. We had a good dinner last October but not memorable. I remember that we thought it better than expected. It was primarily seafood with an asian bent. LMF

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