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May 12, 2009 08:19 AM

1 week in New England to plan for 1 veg + 1 omni

We've got a week and a car heading up from NYC, with limited funds and a desire to spend some dollars in states that have approved Marriage Equality. The ideal trifecta for us is good food, beautiful countryside (with hiking), but also towns/cities including theater.

I'm vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and he eats absolutely everything. We both love adventurous eating, especially family-run places and foods of regions, countries, communities, ethnicities, cultures, etc. We've got only a little more than a week to plan, but the freedom to go anywhere that is in New England. The unglamourous, less expensive places almost always win over our hearts first. Oh - we also love bakeries, and basically all sweets.

I think there's probably 5 million itineraries that could be planned for this trip - if anyone cares to throw out ideas, know that they'll be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Definitely plan to spend some time in Portland. While there are a couple of very decent vegetarian restaurants, you'll find that all the many fine places to eat have moderate to extensive veggie options, and are generally willing to respond to questions about how things were prepared, or even take out ingredients that you might otherwise not eat (have some experience here, since my partner is piscaterian). And of course, we just passed a same-sex marriage billl...

    1. Maybe Concord NH should be on your route. There's a small vegetarian restaurant on Hall St, Cafe Indigo, that I've heard good things about. In the downtown area Bread and Chocolate is a great European bakery. For lunch, In a Pinch Cafe - the soups are terrific plus they have great sandwiches and salads. Concord has a couple of theaters. Check the schedule at Capital Center for the Arts to see if there is something that interests you. The Concord Community Players just did a show (The Full Monty) but there may be something scheduled at the City Auditorium. Also in town, a wonderful independent theater - Red River Theater which has a great line-up on movies including independent films. Across from the theater is Concord Food Coop which has a small hot food bar and a few tables and chairs. On Saturday night you can usually find a church supper going on someplace. This will fall under inexpensive food but might not be a good choice for the vegetarian. Some ham and bean suppers offer a good variety of salads, two choices of baked beans and some great pies. The ham is the least of the offerings. On Saturday around 11:30 am, freshly made food is brought into Saigon Asian Market in Manchester. I had my first bahn mi (spelling) recently and also like the steamed pork buns. There may be some vegetarian choices. Concord actually has a lot of hiking trails all over the place or you could go over to Warner to Mt Kearsarge. Many towns in the area have hiking trails. Or in an hour you can be in the White Mountains. Near Concord, Beech Hill Farm is a popular place for ice cream and they have a make your own sundae bar. Concord also has Arnie's on Loudon Rd that makes their own ice cream and Granite State Candies on Warren Street (downtown area). I'm still trying to find out if Merrivale's on Rt 3A in Hooksett is open. They make their own ice cream, too.

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        In a little town not far from Concord, is a vegetarian's dream, Pickity Place. You can stroll through their gardens, shop in their gift shops and eat a delicious vegetarian lunch.
        Here's the link:

        But, when I think of travel, my trip would be to the Ocean or Beach. And Maine, has some gorgeous ones. Wells Beach is a favorite and there are plenty of great foodie places to get great meals.

        With Wells, you are close to Perkins Cove, that has a hiking trail as well.

        Do a couple of searches. Also, when you choose, ask for help on where to go exactly. Good luck with your trip.

      2. Wow - these suggestions all sound so terrific. I can see a rapid decline in my ability to focus on the other issues in life from now until the trip...

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          Yes, Portland! It is a foodie city and a great place to do fabulous road trips from. In portland I recommend Pepper Club. They offer many vegetarian choices and free range, organic, hormone-free meats and poultry. You should both be happy there. They have a website. Also in Portland is a great CHEAP chain restaurant called O'Naturals. It's a chain out of St Louis, I believe. Great for lunch. Sorta crunchy-hippie and very well run. Super fresh food and no junk, not even soda. Ok, they have chips. Up in Belfast Maine I recommend Chase's Daily.

        2. And to add one more reason to come to Portland: Standard Bakery, on Commercial St., which supplies bread to most of the better restaurants, and has a wide range of delicious bakery sweets.

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              I second the beaches of Narragansett, RI for Crazyburger, as well as their fantastic Boon St. neighbor Markos Kabob ( ) --the falafel wrap is fantastic!. Then head over to Newport! Your trip sounds wonderful, enjoy it!

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                As much as I would love to recommend the many fine restaurants my lovely state of Rhode Island has to offer, unfortunately we now stand as the ONLY New England state that doesn't legally support marriage equality.