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May 12, 2009 08:09 AM

Night Life in Maui


My husband and I are going to our first trip to Maui in 3 weeks for 6 days and 5 nights. I'm asking for recomendations from people on where to eat (already made reservations for Momma's Fish House and Lahaina Grill)? What type of night life is on the island. We are not clubers but ENJOY listening to live jazz. I wasn't going to take a "little black dress' but my friends say I need I? We like nice restaurants with good food, service, and atmosphere. We also like to hang and eat where the locals eat. We are staying at the Four Seasons.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. suggestions in wailea are:
    mala @ marriott
    nick's fishmarket @ kea lani
    cafe o'lei
    da kitchen

    in lahaina:
    pacific o


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      1. Welcome to Chowhound-

        Please note our focus is finding great food and drink, club scenes, entertainment, etc. are outside of the scope of our discussion. Everyone is welcome to chime in here and discuss all aspects of the dining out experience, including minimal discussion of entertainment or attire recommendations, but we ask that all replies do primarily focus discussion of the food and drink available in Maui.


        1. If you enjoy live jazz, you will want to check out the lobby entertainment at your hotel. I believe they feature jazz on Mondays and Fridays, but I may have the days wrong. Sol is a great pianist, you will enjoy listening to him if you get the chance. They feature other types of music depending on the night. And to keep this food oriented, Ferraro's is outstanding, they just changed their menu and have a delicous meatball dish they've added.

          Nick's as mentioned is great, too. Their food is really good and they have some very creative dishes. The soup specials are usually worth trying. They have a nice lobby lounge upstairs from the restaurant that features a pretty mellow Hawaiian singer, I think his name is Brado.

          1. A bit will depend on exactly where you are staying and what you are looking for, with regards to the music. In the Grand Wailia, or the Ritz-Carlton, the "little black dress" would fit right in, though some others will have aloha shirts and shorts.

            For our fine-dining, my wife usually has a long skirt and top, over a sleeveless blouse. She fits right in, at the top of the dress-code for these. I usually have a blazer, and the aloha shirt. Maui was no exception.

            So, the answer is, it depends.

            Go to and plug in your dates. There will possibly be some great music, and you'll find it. Going back many years, we caught Israel Kamakawiwo`ole at the Turtle Bay Hilton, playing with the Makaha Sons of Niihau. First time that I ever heard "Maui - Hawaiian Supa'man.

            Also, check out, though be aware that the .PDF's take forever to load, even with a DSL connection, and also that 99% will be ads for cheap buffets, snorkeling trips and the like. Still, they have listings of concerts, and also who is appearing where and when.

            Last, check out the newsgroup (NNTP) soc.culture.hawaii and ask Alohacyberian, or Aunti Maria. They will know exactly who is where and when they play.