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Does the "Burger King" creep anyone else out?

We've all seen these commercials. I keep recalling one, where a lumberjack is alone in the woods, and he's cutting down a tree. The tree falls and behind it is a grinning Burger King with a hamburger on a plate. The smile looks like a "serial killer" smile. There's others where a person wakes up and ...there he is at your bed. I think I'd soil myself if that happened, not accept his dubious food offering.

It's been 11 years since I've had a good burger King burger. Then, in order to go for the low carb market, they changed their bread. Since then, every one of their burgers taste only of the bread with a slight burger flavoring. This is everywhere I've dared try one. burgers are my favorite food, but I've turned down free Burger King.

Then there's the BK attitude. They've an actor, with no self respect left, to wear a burger and pretend to be a real person. He stands outside other fast food chains and taunts them. Do they not realize that the workers there are the same types of teens working at BK? Do they realize these teens don't really care? I think I'd go out and fight him though if I worked at one of these. How is he going to hit me? He's wearing a burger for pete's sake.

I think they need to get rid of the Burger King by..I don't know..send him to the nearest asylum , and their attitude should be to change their food so that it doesn't cause gagging. I fondly recall when getting a whopper was a treat, now it's a travesty.

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  1. I agree 100% on both the Burger King being creepy and how lousy the Whopper has become. Remember when their advertising was "Have it your way!" and when you could actually see the burgers going through the broiler? It all started going downhill when they started warming the burgers with microwave ovens! I used to go in and tell them I wanted my burger made fresh, I don't think you can even do that now. However, their frys have always sucked!

    And that King character he should be rode throught the broiler! Some college graduate trying to justify his job came up with that character. He should go back to grade school and see how that King character creeps out the little kids, and then he should be rode throught the broiler, too.

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      Forget the king, remember the burger going through the broiler! You could actually tell when your burger came out when you saw the ingredients go on, "your way." Everybody is in such a hurry now that quality has gone out the window, wih the drive through. I'd rather wait an extra couple of minutes and eat something good. I haven't been to Burger King in years.

    2. I have never liked the taste of the Whopper, it kind of tasts "off" to me, the only time I used to get them was about 20 years ago when they were 99 cents, I would bring them home on a friday night and we would doctor them up with cheese, more tomatoes and pickles, they were then edible.

      1. I'm glad I'm not the only creeped out by the King! It's hard to believe that they continue to run with this. I have also been amazed at their new commercial that goes on and on about how the King likes square butts. It took me a couple of viewings to realize that this nonsense was aimed at children for the Sponge Bob children's meal. I never did like the original of that song but this commercial is creepy and just wrong.

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          Yes, the square butt commercial has gathered a lot of criticism. The whole idea of the Burger King was aimed at children. However, his creepiness makes him one of the LAST I'd put near a kid.

          Does anyone remember that years ago, they had another Burger King, complete with court? It had a talking fry machine I remember and some other characters. He'd twist his magic ring and take you to Burger King for a meal. He wasn't creepy and his smile wasn't menacing.

          Rochfood, when I go to get a burger, I'm not looking for nutrition. People have got us scared to drink milk or eat eggs or anything. I think they've pretty much said that everything can give you cancer. If they want to have a nutritious option, fine with me but don't change everything to suit that target consumer.

          I truly don't see how the local Burger Kings stay in business. All of them are desolate no matter what time of day. And even though they don't have many customers, they manage to mess up over half of the orders. Already 2 have closed and I foresee the other 2 following soon.

          We don't have a Red Robin...or White Castle(We've Krystal's Instead) ..or Jack in the box. Mississippi is always the last to get most chains.

          1. re: Shadowcran

            Sorry I didn't make it clear.. I LIKE the Whopper. I don't shove it down my throat as a nutrition pill. If I only want sustinance I'll choke down a Power Bar.
            The nutrition was what's known as ..an added bonus.

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              That's ok. I used to love whoppers and even preferred them over the quarter pounder at McD's. Once they changed their bread, like I mentioned, It's not even an option anymore.

              Yes, I do recall the broiler and how the meat was made tasty that way. Yes, it's not just burger places that have sacrificed quality in the name of speed. Perhaps we need to slow down just a tad and enjoy things more.

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                In Canada, we have a home grown chain called Harvey's. They actually broil the burger in front of you, and then take the bun and ask exactly what you want on it. Extra pickles? OK. Double tomato? No problem. No mustard, no ketchup - hey, whatever you want.

                Yes, it takes about five minutes from order to getting your burger. Yes, their frozen fries are even worse than McD or BK (and that takes some doing). But to get a freshly cooked burger with dill pickle slices on the side? I'd say priceless, but it's less than $3.99.

                1. re: KevinB

                  That's nice, but you're gonna have people erupting into line rage if they have to stand behind some dolt who can't make a decision about what they want on their burger. It's bad enough waiting behind someone who holds up the line looking at a McD menu and doesn't know what they want.

                  1. re: monkuboy

                    I'd gladly wait extra for a fresh burger, the way it used be be at Burger King. Those that can't wait can go to McDonalds or Burger King and get pre-packaged or microwaved crap.

            2. re: Shadowcran

              I remember the court, vaguely. I guess they were an answer to Ronald McDonald and pals. I still have a pencil top eraser of the Burger King from thhat time period, he looked pretty similar to the current King, except he wasn't wearing a mask. There was a character called The Duke of Doubt. I never could figure out exactly what the point was. He doubted everything. That was around the time Burger King has their "Switched" campaign, where they declared someone switched from McDonald's to Burger King every five seconds or something like that. That didn't last because 1. How could they actually tell someone had actually switched and 2. They were overestimating franchise loyalty. They've had a lot of stupid ad campaigns over the years.

              Here's a question. Does anyone not find the Burger King creepy? That is far and above the most commonly-used adjective I've heard for him.

              1. re: Fibber McGee

                I don't know that I find him creepy as much as I find him strange...and intriguing, esp. the market research that must have been done before this campaign and what it was that made BK decide to use the King as its mascot.

                Well, we're all taking about it (and it has been discussed in other blogs), so maybe that was the point!

                1. re: gloriousfood

                  Talking about it is one thing. Attracting customers is another. I'm curious, myself, about what exactly goes on in those marketing meetings. And if these campaigns are ultimately paying off at the register. McDonald's is so far ahead of them in terms of sales and stores.

                  1. re: Fibber McGee

                    I wonder if it has anything to do w/Ronald McDonald (who's creepy, but not as creepy as King) not making any appearances on tv lately....

          2. I like the king and like the Whopper. At 600 cal (no cheese..the original has no cheese) it's not too crushing a calorie bomb like Red Robin or other gourmet burgers. It was even touted in Men's Health magazine for a smart lunch on the go. It tastes fine to me.
            However, the stockholders agree with you all..their stock lags way behind McD's. They are losing money.

              1. re: Chimayo Joe

                Omg, hilarious! Is this for real?

                Every once in a while I hit up a fast food drive-thru but never BK. Don't like their fries or their coffee so they are off the radar. And wow, I agree about this ad campaign. AWFUL. He seems very creepy to me. I have been trying to remember their earlier ads and all I can think of is "Have it your way..."

              2. Yes! It totally creeps me out; the fixed grin mask combined with No Speech makes him seem like a crazed mime who could whip out a butcher knife on you at any moment.

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                1. re: mcsheridan

                  I was never scared of clowns as a child, though many kids are. But as an adult, I'm afraid of the King. And now they've got the "Kingon" a silver-gray version tied in to the Star Trek promotion. So he looks like the King of the Zombies. I used to love the coffee at the BK en route to work (retired now) but not at other sites. "My" BK had a very diligent manager and I suspect the urns were kept cleaner than at some others. I always asked for one cream and one sugar. When Julio was at the drive-thru, I'd see him half-fill the cup, then add the container of cream and packet of sugar, stir it, pour cofee to the top, stir again, then put the lid on and check that it was secure. This man SHOULD be at a top-level restaurant - clearly he truly cares about the customer. A few of the other workers there also put the cream and sugar in, but if a teenager was working the window, they'd be teetering on the lid, which might or might not be firmly in place. I think the Whopper is the best of the big 3 fast food burgers available in this area, but that's not saying much. Since retiring, I rarely eat out and since I cook with little salt, it's VERY apparent by my swollen ankles the next day that fast food is not a good thing.

                2. Yes, BK is creepy...but with morbid curiousity, I watch the commercials as they air. Funny though, as much as BK creeps me out, Jack does not. If anything, I LOVE Jack.

                  And as to the burgers, well, I rarely eat fast food or burgers.

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                  1. re: OCAnn

                    I love Jack, too. Burger King is a pedophile.

                    1. re: OCAnn

                      We don't have a Jack in the Box here in Hattiesburg Mississippi, but I do see the commercials. He doesn't look creepy at all, just like you said. If anything, he looks like a good corporate mascot.

                      I can't say the Burger King is a pedophile, but he sure looks the part of 1) a pedophile 2) serial killer 3) pervert hiding in bushes 4)homicidal maniac. I don't know why the BK executives think this image will sell burgers. Yeah, the new Kingons are just as creepy. Guess BK is going for the "serial killer" dollar.

                      Yeah, I recall the have it your way. I also remember them having a geek named Herb promoting BK vaguely. He went away when BK started selling Pitas and a common joke about Herb eating a Pita went around.

                      I agree the fries stink there, but they do everywhere now. No flavor. THey've gotten them to the point there's mostly just skin with little potato. BK's chicken sandwich tastes like cardboard and their breakfast is the last thing people consider. Hardee's dominates the fast food breakfast anyway. I've worked there and when they say the biscuits are from scratch, they're telling the truth. One person's job there in the mornings is to just constantly make biscuits over and over. This is usually an older person as anyone from the south will tell you, biscuits take practice to get good at making them.

                      Hardee's has also gotten some tasty burgers as well. They used to be a joke. I remember it's the only place I've ever thrown away a burger without finishing. They apologized for having such lousy burgers about 6 years ago and have worked hard making good ones.

                      1. re: Shadowcran

                        ITA...the Kingons are creepy as heck...esp when they take the guy's girlfriend away in the commercial. It's the hiding-in-the-bushes-stalker-perv-kidnapper kinda thing.

                        1. re: OCAnn

                          You would think that the advertising executives would have realized how people are reacting to this and done something to make him less creepy. But if you think about the other ads, like the one with the "Burger Family" and Whopper Jr., you see they're going for that criminal market or something. I don't know if you can call a guy in a burger suit standing outside of Wendy's making fun of their baked potato (What is this, Russia?) as having attitude, more like nerve. All it made me do was think, "Hey! Wendy's has a baked potato? I didn't know. Must go there and try one.

                          I think the baked potato has it's origins in the US, but I'm not sure. Looking in Wikipedia, it says it's fast becoming popular in Russia. lol. Perhaps due to that commercial?

                          Fast food fries have stunk for years. Not good at all. I've tasted other 'side dish" alternatives and most are a lot better than fries. Waffle Fries, Loaded potato bites, etc. are all pretty good. Those loaded potato bites are the best thing at Arby's.

                          1. re: Shadowcran

                            Speaking of Arby's, the roast beef in those commercials looks gross. It looks more like ham than beef. What makes them think that looks appetizing?

                            As for BK, I never go there. Never go to Carls Jr either because I think their commercials are pretty low class. McD, Jack and Wendys are more wholesome.

                            1. re: monkuboy

                              LOL...I like the "low class" Carls Jr commercials. I find them appetising!

                            2. re: Shadowcran

                              ... i do thing the burger family commercials are pretty funny

                      2. I'm sure youv'e all seen the E*Trade commercial with the baby sitting in front of the computer screen telling us about how good he did with his investments. So he hired a clown to hang out with (then you notice the clown dancing in the background) and the baby tell's us how creepy the clown is.

                        Ditto the King!

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                        1. re: jackrugby

                          1) love that e-trade baby. at first i thought he was creepy and now he cracks me up. i'm glad they pulled the one where he pukes.
                          2) the only time i DIDN'T find the burger king creepy and actually laughed out loud was during the commercial where he was pick pocketing people to give them money... lol now laughing just thinking about it- something about the way he was sprinting away looking over his shoulder

                          1. re: salsailsa

                            Maybe it should be "The Burger Thing" instead of The Burger King. ; )

                          2. How dare anyone speak ill of the King!

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                            1. I'm more creeped out by fast food clowns, McDonalds and Jack in the Box in particular, as well as clowns in general.

                              Also, the Quaker Oats Man gives me the heebie jeebies.

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                              1. re: monkeyrotica


                                Then please, only open this link if you're feeling especially strong.

                                1. re: fern

                                  William Penn and the Quaker Oats guy are one in the same?

                                  I culd never be creeped out by the guy who's the namesake of the places where so many sick children receive comfort.

                                  1. re: Fibber McGee

                                    Well, I'm sure the Quaker Oats guy was a nice guy and everything, but he still looks too much like a clown for my comfort.

                                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                                      I can't stomach the voice of the smart-ass 20-something spoiled brat know-it-all punk-kid on the Carl's Jr. commercials. "The new Carl's beef boil bowl -- it's what you want."

                                      Shut up, boy.

                                      At least the "king" is silent.

                                      1. re: CucumberBoy

                                        I refuse to eat at Carl's because of their tasteless commercials. Their food may be tasteless as well but I don't know about that, I won't eat any of it.

                                        1. re: monkuboy

                                          I'm trying to remember if I've ever refused to eat somewhere because I didn't like the commercials... I can't think of a time. Waiiiiit... I remember one time I got REALLY mad at an Uncle Ben's ad in a magazine because they wrote up the blurb in a broken English way, mocking some group of people. I think I wrote a nasty letter too. It probably got put on their wall as the 'crazy lady letter'!!

                                          And I don't buy Uncle Ben's, so there you go! (But I really just don't care for their product, it's not like I have principles or anything...)

                                    2. re: Fibber McGee

                                      Remember "nothing is better for thee...than me"?

                                    3. re: fern

                                      What do you expect from a Flatlander pretending to be a Vermonter.

                                      1. re: al b. darned

                                        >>What do you expect from a Flatlander pretending to be a Vermonter<<

                                        Vermont has mountains?

                                  2. this just made me laugh: >>>>>Then there's the BK attitude. They've an actor, with no self respect left, to wear a burger and pretend to be a real person. He stands outside other fast food chains and taunts them. Do they not realize that the workers there are the same types of teens working at BK? Do they realize these teens don't really care? I think I'd go out and fight him though if I worked at one of these. How is he going to hit me? He's wearing a burger for pete's sake."<<<<<<<<<

                                    and yes, the king, his progeny and his alien kingon cousin are all creepy. he looks like he belongs on the national child predator watch list.

                                    1. Is it the "Burger King " ?

                                      or the Burger King "king" ?

                                      Those cardboard crowns are just brainwashing portals that hypnotize your kids into leaving the windows to your home open at night so The "king" can come a stalking. Your kids eyes will glow red in the darkness as the "king" delivers his marching orders.

                                      1. Creepy, indeed! And the new SpongeBob tie-in is downright vulgar!

                                        And why in the world would anyone want to walk around smelling like a hamburger?

                                        I have been boycotting BK for years, and have continuing reasons to keep it up.

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                                        1. re: al b. darned

                                          I boycotted BK myself. I gave it several tries before I made that decision and it was a no brainer. The food didn't get any better, and in fact, got a lot worse. BK is consistently the worst at getting an order right. I prefer Ketchup, mustard and onions(except on Big Macs which I take as is, only thing I'll eat lettuce on) but BK can't grasp this concept. Anyone else can.

                                          I sometimes like cheese, or I used to, but lately the cheese is over salted for some reason and the whole burger becomes that way. Pickles have gotten down in value too. I used to love an occasional pickle on a burger but no more.

                                          I honestly don't think BK can take a massive ban, even if it results in going back to the way it was when the whopper was a delight, not a travesty.