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May 12, 2009 07:08 AM

Memorial Day Weekend in Montreal. Help with itinerary.

Hello All,
I am traveling to Montreal for the long weekend. Last year I had the pleasure of visiting over Labor Day and having been looking forward to this visit ever since. We will be traveling with another couple that has not experienced Montreal. Some of the highlights from last time were: goat cheese salad, short rib, and pain perdue @ lemeac and a few hours at Baldwin Barmacie, tasting menu w/ wine pairing @ Toque!, a pit stop at Fairmount Bagel, weekday lunch special @ Estiatorio Milos, and Saturday lunch @ Jean-Talon Market.

I have a few decisions to make for the group and would appreciate your suggestions. Price is not much of an issue, one person in the group is a pescatarian so APDC is out.

Friday Night
Lemeac, Cafe Ferreira, Le Local

Saturday Afternoon
Jean-Talon Market - Lunch nearby / Perhaps Le Petit Alep, Le Petite Marche or Byblos

Saturday Dinner
Toque or Le Club Chasse et Pesche

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Dinner
I believe Lemeac and Le Local are open on Sunday night for dinner - Whichever one we don't go to on Friday or Deca 77.

Monday Lunch
Nothing too heavy as we have a long haul back home. Estiatorio Milos?

On Saturday night we are looking to go out after dinner. Looking for a lively place, good drinks or wine, a bit trendy, not full of college age kids. Some of the suggestions I have come across are: L'assommoir, Plan B, Edgar Hypertaverne, Buvette Chez Simone / Bouchonne, BU and Pullman.

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  1. I'll drop Petite Marche. I remember somebody writing about feeling like a calf in a big farm while eating there, and I concur. The food is not bad, but neither special enough to visit on a trip. Also mind you that both Petite Marche and Byblos are a bit far from the Jean Talon. Once you are done with the not so pretty overpass/ factory ghost town area, it is a nice walk though.

    1. APDC's not out for pescatarians. The summer seafood season should be in full swing by late May.

      1. I'll echo emerilcantcook's take on La Petite Marche. It does feel like a feedlot and it's all a bit dehumanising.

        I wouldn't rule out APDC just becasue your friend is pescatarian. They always have a fish special and it's the beginning of seafood season.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          Thanks for the advice on Petite Marche and the distance to Byblos. Will stay with Le Petit Alep. APDC is open on Sunday and I hope to check it out. After looking at a few more reviews, Le local looks like a good choice on Friday, Le Club Chasset et Pesche on Saturday, and Lemeac on Sunday if not APDC

          1. re: R.N.

            APDC always has a fish dish or two, even in the winter. But there will be seafood aplenty by late May, when they'll have started receiving shipments from the Gaspé, Magdalen Islands, etc. If fish is a priority, however, you're best off going on Friday, when it'll be fresher.

            1. re: carswell

              I was there Saturday before last. They had some beautiful hake roasted in the wood oven and served with a fiddlehead and bacon sauce. A few people were getting whole steamed snow crabs. But you're right, it's not full blown seafood season yet, but end of May should be no problem.

              1. re: rcianci

                APDC should definetely not be ruled out, although if you haven't reserved yet, I doubt you'll be able to get anything at this point for the weekend.
                I would go to Club de Chasse et Peche over Toque, and add La Montee to your list of possible places.

                1. re: idenon

                  > I doubt you'll be able to get anything at this point for the weekend.

                  The US's Memorial Day weekend is not the same as our upcoming Victoria Day weekend, it's not until May 23-25. So hopefully that's in advance enough to get a res wherever they want. :-)

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    Already made all of the reservations. Want to cancel at least 1 week prior although im sure they will have no problem booking to the table.

        2. Try Joe Beef on Notre Dame. Very good fish/seafood for Montreal.

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          1. re: bigfellow

            Thanks for the suggestion. What would you get rid of to try Joe Beef?

              1. re: bigfellow

                Bigfellow may I have your email adresse so I can send you a recipe I think you will like?

            1. If sitting down and chatting is part of the after dinner bar plans, I'd avoid Edgar Hypertaverne. It feels like a dance club Thurs-Sat, minus room to dance. There's loads of other great bars on Mont-Royal, but I'll be damned if I can remember their names, and I've no idea how to look that up. There's an especially good one just a block east of the metro, same side of the street.

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              1. re: Shattered

                Good to know. I checked out the Edgar Hypertaverne website and its not what we were looking for. Pullman Wine Bar seems like a good option after dinner at CC&P. They even have the same interior design co.

                Thanks for all your help. Have decided on the itinerary with the exception of Sunday brunch.

                Friday Night - Lemeac & Baldwin Barmacy

                Saturday Lunch - Le Petit Alep

                Saturday Dinner - CC&P and Pullman

                Sunday Brunch - Garcon?

                Sunday Dinner - Le Locale

                Monday Lunch- Milos

                1. re: R.N.

                  You can do Sunday brunch at Holder (although reports have been mixed) or at Lemeac (instead of dinner Friday night, then you could hit Joe Beef...)

                  1. re: cherylmtl

                    Joe Beef looks really good. I live in the suburbs where nothing is walkable distance. The ability to walk from Lemeac to Baldwin and having dinner at a French bistro will set the stage nicely for the wknd. We will try many different cuisines throughout the trip and are really looking forward to appreciating the French-Quebecois-Montreal culinary influence.

                    1. re: R.N.

                      Barmacy is likely to be packed to the gills on a friday night, unless you get there early (say 10PM or so). Dieu du ciel, just 1-2 blocks down, may be a better option for a quieter sit-down, though the crowd is pretty young. If either don't work, take a left on St-Laurent and walk up, there are a couple of options up the next few blocks (don't know the names, but you'll see them), including Bouchonne on the corner of St-Laurent and Fairmount. Otherwise, if you're willing to drive a few minutes, Le Lab on Rachel has some lovely cocktails and friendly staff.