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May 12, 2009 06:43 AM

Change from a Gift Cert.

Your opinion, please on this scenario:

$100 gift certificate (written on paper, not a card), bill is $92.xx Cheapest entree in the house is apprx. $23. Would you expect change? What would your thoughts be if you were presented w/ a $7.xx gift certificate? What do most restaurants do? Thanks.

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  1. If you had 100, spent 92, and they only gave you a gift card for 7, then they stole a dollar from you.

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        ha - yes, you are correct. I took the "xx" to mean zeroes, like one would when writing a check. Or perhaps I'm dating myself?? As for the OP, I supposed varying state laws apply here as to when the business is required to offer change and not just another gift cert/card. I know when Wms-Sonoma recently handed me back my gift card with the whopping amount of $2.09 on it, I cracked up.

    1. With a paper certificate, I have gotten back $$$ before and other times have gotten back another paper certificate for change. Of course cash is better, but I don't mind the paper certificate.

      1. Think in most instances whether it's a restaurant or a store you're going to get a credit and not cash.

        You should have gone over the limit of the gift certificate and shelled out the balance. Otherwise you've got a $7 credit to use or not.

        I've come to hate gift certificates and gift cards because of the BS.
        Cash is King !!!

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          I think gift cards/certificates have their place, but I agree that a big problem with them is that a lot of people end up never using the remaining balances on them, especially if it's just a few dollars. Of course, stores and restaurants love this, because it's found money.

        2. As a retailer, my store's policy is to return cash if $10 or less.

          However, these policies vary widely and the resto can certainly return "gift credit" if it chooses.

          There are two catches though: 1) be careful of any expiration dates and 2) if you didn't enjoy the place and would not return you are out of luck.

          Always best to clarify policy before chowing down.

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          1. <rolling eyes>
            I have a couple gift cards with LESS than $1 on them because they "aren't allowed" to give me change. :(
            this is a pet peeve.
            you should have gotten change.