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Lunch recs between Chicago & Ann Arbor

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Road trip from Chicago to Ann Arbor. Any current suggestions for lunch? No chains please. Home coooking preferred. Thanks for your help.

  1. This is a no-brainer: Stop 50 Pizzeria in Michiana Shores, IN.


    Delicious and affordable Neapolitan pizza to rival Spacca Napoli (my Chicagoland gold standard); fresh, seasonal salads and appetizers; and friendly owners and servers to boot. About three weeks ago a group of five of us were very happy sharing salad and three pizzas (mushroom, sausage, and prosciutto with pistachios and rosemary) -- all deliciously savory; the fresh herbs make quite a difference.

    Stop 50 is not more than 5 minutes out of the way from 94. Enjoy!

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