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May 12, 2009 06:22 AM

Help - Montrealer in Winnipeg

Can anyone point me to some decent foodie spots in downtown Winnipeg? Staying at the Place Louis Riel...walking distance would be great.

Ideally something where I can eat good food and hand out in a nice atmosphere - good music, beautiful people?

Let me know - thanks!

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  1. If you walk to Broadway, you are not far from Amici/Bombolini Italian restaurants.
    I think the closest thing to you is The Keg on Garry st (4 blocks).

    The Palm room at the Fort Garry hotel(a lounge) has a great atmosphere and often has music.(6 blocks). The Fort Garry has an amazing Sunday brunch that is worth the splurge.

    Farther east on Main st you will find Earls which may satisfy your quotient for a beautiful people.

    The Forks East of Main st has great patios and some great restaurants- Sydney's or The Current are both very good restos. The other places, I would stick to drinks and people watching.

    Those are the main places close to your hotel that I can think of.

    The Windsor Hotel used to be a good spot for jazz but I'm not sure if that is still the case.

    1. If you want to stay downtown, you're pretty limited if you want good food, good music, and beautiful people. Let me just stick to good food within walking distance.

      Bombolini and Amici's, as mentioned above.
      Velvet Glove at the Fairmont
      Kum Koon Garden (definitely won't see many beautiful people around there, but you may get to experience Winnipeg vagrants!)

      Not so good food, but possibly beautiful albeit pretentious people:

      Not-so-good food based on my experiences, but others differ, plus may have beautiful albeit pretentious people:
      Tre Visi
      Sydney's at the Forks

      Beautiful people, crappy food:
      the restaurant at the Pink Taco--Don Pedro's or something like that???

      Places friends have suggested, but I've never been:
      Blufish (sushi place)

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        While these may not be to your budget, and you may need a cab to get there, here are several other options in Winnipeg that are both iconic and interesting:

        529 Wellington - Expensive STEAK House. Table side ceasar salads, all a la carte menu, with creamed spinach as an option. Prime grade beef, and other choices too.
        Dacquisto - on Kenaston Blvd. Great Food!. Wood fire pizza, braised veal cheeks and the best sauteed chicken livers. Both of these restaurants are owned and operated by the Wow Group. They have other locations too, check the net. I ate at both of these in March, and their foods are as good and in some cases better than any I have had in other major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

        Rae and Jerry's - again a steak house but one with a 52 year and counting history that makes great dirty martini's and also has great service.

        As with all postings and options presented to you, these are my opinions although I hope they would be shared by other chowhounds. Happy eating!

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          Speaking of WOW Hospitality Group, I don't know if it's still open, but Pasta La Vista was downtown in City Place, just a short walk from Place Louis Riel. Food was OK.

      2. Wow,
        Not sure if you have travelled yet..but try and change that accomodation. Yikes PLR is not a great spot. Amici /Bombolini is worth checking out as well as the Sunday Fort Gary Brunch. Forget Earl's. Have a burger at VJ on Main at Broadway. Take a cab to Fusion Grill on Academy. Did I mention to Switch Hotels!!! Yikes...

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          I just booked a trip for Aug. to fly into Calgary, drive w/ a friend to Winnipeg and fly back to Boston from WIN. What part of town should we stay? Looking for the fun section and a reasonably priced place. For drinks, we're looking for one swanky bar and some dives, rock music would be good. For food, we like everything from diners and dogs to really fancy places. Is there some food that we *must* eat in Winnipeg? Thanks.