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May 12, 2009 06:14 AM

I Love A Parrillada-Mi Tio

I took out from my "go to" Argentine Steakhouse -Mi Tio on Queens Blvd., directly across from the Queens Center. Their entrana completa for $29 can feed 3 people! Perfectly cooked, bloody good, the complete hangar steak is the best I've had including Manhattan Argentine steakhouses. Their fries and empanadas kick ass too. If anyone disagrees I don't want to hear it. Don't rain on my parrillada.

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  1. No disagreement here. I've been a cheerleader for Mi Tio for as long as I've been on CH. Love the chimichuri sauces. Great sandwiches as well, especially the chivito especial. It's about time to revisit them.

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    1. re: E Eto

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention, they have the best chimichurris-traditional garlic, oil, parsley and the hot red pepper variety.

    2. Sometimes a little rain must fall. La Esquina hands down the best Queens Argentine joint. Decor stinks, food is special. Great baked empanadas, french fries ain't , but they do perfect tostones. Chimi is so good I get a plastic takeout container full of it every couple of months to use at home. Nothing like the sound of meat being cut on one of those butcher saws while you eat your steak. The entrana goes from one end of the plate to the other, and then back again. Next door is Rio de la Plata for dessert.

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        I think you meant Esquina Criolla. Another of my favorite places for Argentine steak. I like both places, though I like Mi Tio's chimichurri sauce just a bit more, as it's a lot more garlicky and less vinegary, which is just my preference. Mi Tio also has a spicy red chimichurri sauce to go along with the usual green stuff that adds another dimension to whatever you apply it to. And you're right about the entraƱa at Esquina Criolla. See here:

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          As always, sir, you are correct. Between Rincon Criolla(another longtime favorite) Esquina Criolla and La Esquina, I get confused. Somehow I manage to find the right place when it is time to eat.

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              Corner of Corona Ave and Junction Blvd, also known as The .Argentine Corner. In addition to Esquina Criolla and Rio de la Plata you also have El Gauchito and Don Chicho, I don't remember the new name of this place.

      2. I love the sweetbread .it is so addicting