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May 12, 2009 05:50 AM


I was searching through some old recipes of my aunt's and found a recipe for her apricot stuffed pork chops. The recipe called for 2 T of saucy susan. Can anyone enlighten me about this product? TIA...

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  1. Saucy Susan was a jarred apricot glaze that I believe was popular in the late 60s and early 70s. It was extremely sweet -- sort of like an apricot jam that had a couple of other ingredients in it, but I don't know what those were.

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      thanks. I went on amazon and it still is being sold, but I'm curious as to the ingredients..

    2. about 10 years ago when my kids were younger, I used to make "chicken fingers" at home in the oven and they loved saucy susan for the dipping sauce. I haven't looked for it since then, but certainly I could buy it easily in the grocery store back then. Can't quite remember where it would have been sold, but I'm guessing maybe where the ketchup and bbq sauce is sold.

      1. Wow, the memories! My mother, who was a pretty good cook, always kept a bottle around in the late '60's and early '70's (just like roxlet said). I only remember her serving it with breaded, fried veal chops. How I wish I could afford veal chops at all these days. But I digress. I seem to recall that it tasted a lot like Chinese-American restaurant duck sauce. Maybe you could substitute that.

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          yes, it is a lot like duck sauce

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            Yes... it was exactly like "duck sauce" and as I recall, it was sold in jars right in the Asian foods section of the supermarket.

          2. Don't know where you live, but Saucy Susan was mainly an east coast type of thing. You can probably find it in higher end grocery stores.
            It was the best to stuff to use on egg rolls, roast duck and Chinese spare ribs. If you can't find it you could probably get by using apricot preserves.

            1. From about 6 different sources I came up with this partial list of ingredients....
              :Apricots, hfcs, corn syrup, vinegar, food starch, salt, peaches and spices.

              Your guess is as good as mine is regarding the "spices." I've never tasted Saucy Susan sauce but it does sound a bit like Ah-So sauce.

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                It's funny you should mention that. I have never heard of it. (I'm under 30 in the Pacific Northwest. I don't know if maybe this is a regional item?) I punched into my browser, and it seems to be made by the "Ah-So" people, Allied Old English, Inc.