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May 12, 2009 04:22 AM

Update NH Asian Groceries

I was finally able to follow up on a recommendation for the small Asian market on Rt 101A (Amherst St) in Nashua. Joy bought out her partner and re-named it. A google search is confusing - the old name was Merlion Asian Market. It is now Lanna Asian Market
Joy was very friendly and helpful. The store is small but packed with a great variety of ingredients. They have kaffir lime leaves which I have not been able to find at Saigon Market in Manchester. I also picked up coconut milk powder and Thai tea. Joy explained how to make Thai iced tea. She also offers cooking classes on Sundays but the class schedule isn't up on the website yet. All in all, I ended up buying more than I had intended. Although the fresh produce section is not as large as Saigon Market, there was a nice variety.
Recently I also shopped at the oriental market near Fox Run Mall in Portsmouth where I was able to get kaffir lime leaves and fresh galangal. I think they may have also had fresh tumeric. My Asian pantry is growing. This time I did some recipe planning by going thru the Ultimate Thai and Asian cookbook so I could get ingredients I needed for the recipes I want to try in the near future. After having some fresh bamboo shoots at Yama in West Lebanon, I also picked up some vacuum packed shredded bamboo shoots at Lanna.
"Dinner" last night was an interesting scallion/shredded carrot/pork bits bread from Lanna's refrigerated section. On my way north I was tempted to stop a Golden Bowl in Manchester but was in too much of a hurry. For the first time in ages we had dinner last Sat night at Siam Orchid in Concord where I noticed they now offer more soups which looked like "pho". DH still prefers the little place in Franklin NH. I am determined to make Thai special fried rice as good as a restaurants.

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  1. Great report--I like Lanna because they carry Japanese products too. Does Saigon Market?

    1. I've been meaning to get to Saigon Market Sat morning for there fresh prepared food, keep hearing wonderful things.

      Last visit to Golden Bowl - very disappointed!! :-( I didn't like the smell of my shrimp summer rolls and not fresh tasting bun!!!

      I think Saigon has a great japanese section.

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        lexpatti, glad you answered on the Japanese section since I havent been doing Japanese recipes so haven't been looking for the ingredients. I'm still a beginner! We had summer rolls at Golden Bowl on May 2 that were fine. I'm going to get another sandwich the next time I go to Saigon Market on a Sat morning. Very yummy.

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          ooops, should have emphasised "think" because I could be confused with another international market in Lowell. I don't often enough to either one.

          1. re: dfrostnh

            When do they sell the banh mi sandwiches?

            1. re: whs

              Saturday mornings. The fresh prepared food arrives around 11:30. Silly me skipped the banh mi sandwiches on several visits, wondering why anyone would buy a 'sub' at an Asian market.