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May 11, 2009 10:32 PM

Street food cart location URLs (Twitter/Facebook/etc)

Inspired by recent posts, thought it might be useful to compile a running list of URLs for the growing population of street food carts that are keeping an Internet presence to shout out their latest locations. Hopefully we can build a formal List working from this one. Go ahead and add any Bay Area cart via their Twitter/Facebook/wherever!

A few that have been mentioned by other posters so far:

Magic Curry:

Amuse Bouche:

Creme Brulee:

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  1. In addition to the list, I wonder if anyone wants to discuss the phenomenon in general. On one hand I can see these carts gaining serious followings from Twitter-happy, Mission-loving, underground-cause-supporting SF foodies.

    But on the other hand, if they get too popular, doesn't that increase the chances the authorities get wind of them and shut them down for not having licenses?

    The 3 carts mentioned above seem to have a little alliance going....they mention each other on their respective Twitterstreams.

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    1. re: Agent 510

      I've noticed that people are using Twitter to promote carts that are always in the same place at the same time (which seems like basically the only way to be legal in SF).

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        You think they're doing business legally?

        1. re: scarmoza

          If they have a license, it would be displayed prominently. Also, hot running water is required for handwashing and food prep. Haven't seen either of these, so likely not. The authorities don't have time to chase down illegal food carts these days.

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          I was at magic curry kart Friday. The cops pulled in, said, "We heard you have awesome curry", and left.

          This week he is having a band playing. That seems like a prob for residents... but I don't know if I really care. He packs up and shows up next week somewhere else.

          It isn't an alliance... it is just networking through the hub of twitter. They just fill in one another's gaps. And the creme brulee and curry karts are brothers, so you know.

          BUT.. is something happening with twitter and REAL commerce? You betcha!

          He sold 75 Creme Brulees in 43 minutes because of twitter. That is insane.

          1. re: pavlov

            I hope they are paying taxes. If the cops don't care about underground businesses, the tax man does. Then again, for all I know they might have licenses.

            There still needs to be a paradigm change for Twitter. There is limited usefullness ... but it just needs that something ... I don't know ... to explode. Ah, that's where I can finally make my fortune.

            The 75 percent of silliness will got the way of any fad like this. Anyone still have a cb in their car?

        3. re: Agent 510

          Friends said there was a camera crew at the magic curry cart last week. There was also a huge wait list, etc. They (my friends) left after a few minutes.

          Personally, I won't tolerate a wait (unless there's a cocktail involved) for any eatery.

          1. re: scarmoza

            Haha... Scarmoza... you should have a cocktail built into your plans if you are meandering towards rogue, pirate food carts. But I get what you mean... my lady and I both seem confused and a little lost when we have to wait in lines. It is something we don't really do. (smug jokiness hopefully intoned properly)

        4. CHOW is compiling them all in a list that has a map. Here's the link:

          If you know of any that aren't in there (I don't think we put Kitchenette on here yet for instance) please let me know: or post to this thread.

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