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May 11, 2009 10:24 PM

ISO early chow near Pac Cinematheque or Vancity Theatre, Van

Guidance svp for a Saturday in May -- going to an early show letting out about 6 pm. We'd like to walk no more than a few blocks as we are also going to a show at 9 pm at Pac Cin. Both theatres are between Helmcken and Davie on Seymour and Howe respectively. Ideas so far: Sanafir, Nuba (my pick), Falafel Town, Templeton and Subeez. We have two celiacs in the group of 5, and we can't go too high end (Sanafir might even be pushing it a bit to give you a range). Any thoughts, oh wise 'Hounds? TIA.

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  1. El Taco on Davie would work corn based and all that.

    Not high end at all more like a neighbourhood joint run by real live Mexicans bit of a squeeze with 5 @ one table but the salsa bar is delicious.

    I've eaten there before shows @ Pacific Cinematheque and the location couldn't be any better.

    1. Nuba is a good idea.

      Bin941 (though probably hard to get in at that time of night)
      Alpha Global Sushi is also nearby
      I'm guessing Cibo is out of the price range? (It also might not be that Celiac friendly)

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      1. re: twinkienic

        A bit more data: it's a birthday dinner too and the bday gal wants table service which is fair enough so Nuba and El Taco are out. I thought about Cibo and will float it once I've looked at the menu re gluten. Since we have a couple of hours we could go a bit further afield too...

        1. re: grayelf

          It's been a while since I was at Alpha....but that is a decent spot to get sushi/izakaya-style food. Maybe a place in Yaletown?

          1. re: grayelf

            Why is Nuba out?
            The new location (the old Mouse and Bean) has one side table service and one side where you order at the counter and then go sit. At least at lunch time. And they are licenced so you can have a glass of wine too.

            1. re: starlady

              The Hastings St Nuba is a haul from either theatre.

              Lunched @ the Seymour location today-had Najib's special-and it was *delicious*.

        2. What about Amarcord in Yaletown. Doesn't get a lot of buzz but great, "old school" Italian food. $20 entree range (less for pasta & risotto). They were very accomodating of my allergies and the service was very prompt on a busy night

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          1. re: islandgirl

            Thanks for all the great ideas, Hounds, but as often happens in these cases, the criteria changed so that we are going to try out the Alibi Room! I'll post to make up for wasting your time :-).

            1. re: grayelf

              Nice! As most of the regulars know, I love that place... might have to head down for a pint soon myself!

              1. re: peter.v

                At the risk of pushing my luck, any menu suggestions, peter (or others) for Alibi? I know they have great beers but what about the grub?

                1. re: grayelf

                  Sorry grayelf, I've yet to eat there. I've always gone for the beer. If I end up going in the next little while, I'll report back.

                  1. re: peter.v

                    Same here. Their menu looks intriguing and gastropub-ish. I went to a wedding reception there once (a buy out) - but the menu wasn't the usual one.

                    1. re: fmed

                      When I did a search I got some hits on the beer unsurprisingly but not the grub. How cool to have a chance to be the first to post on it!

                    2. re: peter.v

                      I ate there last night (as well as drinking several pints of BC's finest ales). I had the Peking Duck Wrap which was huge and very tasty. Filling in the wrap was mostly tasty duck. The hoisin chili sauce was not spicy at all, but that's fine. It did make the wrap a little soggy though. The slaw that came with it was excellent. Very thinly sliced cabbage, which I prefer to the bigger chunks you get at places like Go Fish. Fries were good.

                      Some friends had the Mezze plate of olives, some dips, goat feta and roasted red peppers. The flatbread that came with it was very tasty and warm.

                      As usual, I would go back. I'd probably eat there again too.

                      The beer selection right now is terrific. I had Swan's Oak Aged Scotch Ale out of a cask, Red Racer Empire IPA and Red Racer ESB. The Scotch Ale style is not always my favorite, as they tend to be heavy, sweet and high in alcohol. This one was very, very smooth with a bit of a boozy kick at the end. Good balance in flavors too. The Red Racer beers were the hoppiest on the menu and the Empire IPA never disappoints. It's an imperial IPA, so extra malt, hops and all that good stuff. Very bitter, very floral and a very good beer (I always have a pint when I go down there). The ESB is similar, with a bit less body than the IPA and a toned down hop aroma.

                      1. re: peter.v

                        Thanks peter -- noted. Will post after our dinner tonight. I'd also like to try their brunch for when we need a change from Deacon's :-).

                        I'm attending the DOXA documentary film festival all week at Pac Cin and Vancity so if anyone cares to chime in with additional suggestions in that hood, I'd be grateful -- no dietary limitations for me except for crab -- cheap and cheerful probably best re timing between movies etc. Lunch and dinner. TIA

                        1. re: grayelf

                          I am way behind on posts but here's a few thoughts on our dinner at the Alibi Room.

                          We tried the mezze platter which was tasty, with a lot of love for the flatbread (deep fried goodness). We also tried the smoked cod (?) brandade (came with carrot sticks for the celiacs) which all enjoyed and a couple of salads: beet (universal thumbs up) and head lettuce.(only two thumbs up). Mains were a couple of steaks that were pronounced very good, a chicken curry that also disappeared quickly, and the bison dip (my pick -- though the meat was a tad dry it had a lot of flavour and I would recommend this dish as the baguette was delicious and the aioli topnotch). For drinks the standout was the mojito-esque gin based drink the bday girl had. My Bourbon-based sipper was pleasant for a change but in general I'd say the cocktails here are way heavy on the alcohol which could be considered a plus :-). I could only drink one, that's for sure. Overall a respectable showing for a place that specializes in beer. I wouldn't complain if I had to eat here again but I might not seek it out just for the grub.

                          1. re: grayelf

                            A few more Alibi pix...