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May 11, 2009 10:06 PM

If food is the way to one's heart..what's your dish?

Tacos and Pacifico's are always a winner..
Panko crusted chicken breast with a caper beurre blanc with homemade mac n'cheese.. roasted brussels sprouts and a great bordeaux..dozen Kumamoto oysters with a fab bottle of french champagne.
desserts can be from a banana split to vanilla pudding with fresh berries..french macarons to nuts and berries, limoncello or a late harvest gerwurtz..

What's your dish?

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  1. you are right, Brussel sprouts MUST be roasted in EVOO, with garlic and new potatoes, maybe rosemary.

    at a different meal perfect latkes - fried in duck fat

    1. Foie Gras.
      Sea Urchin.
      Caesar Salad.

      1. char grilled outer skirt steak,
        char grilled rare top sirloin
        char grilled med rare ribeye
        red coconut milk curry
        Virtually anything Indian
        smoked spares (keep the babybacks, spares are where it's at)
        mollusks in any format.
        Yellow poke cake.

        1. Fresh raw oysters
          Steamed lobster and Dungeness crab
          Sunday gravy and spaghetti
          Fresh collard greens with cornbread
          Pate fois gras
          Honeydew melon
          Summer tomatoes

          1. Alaskan king crab legs drenched in butter