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If food is the way to one's heart..what's your dish?

Tacos and Pacifico's are always a winner..
Panko crusted chicken breast with a caper beurre blanc with homemade mac n'cheese.. roasted brussels sprouts and a great bordeaux..dozen Kumamoto oysters with a fab bottle of french champagne.
desserts can be from a banana split to vanilla pudding with fresh berries..french macarons to nuts and berries, limoncello or a late harvest gerwurtz..

What's your dish?

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  1. you are right, Brussel sprouts MUST be roasted in EVOO, with garlic and new potatoes, maybe rosemary.

    at a different meal perfect latkes - fried in duck fat

    1. Foie Gras.
      Sea Urchin.
      Caesar Salad.

      1. char grilled outer skirt steak,
        char grilled rare top sirloin
        char grilled med rare ribeye
        red coconut milk curry
        Virtually anything Indian
        smoked spares (keep the babybacks, spares are where it's at)
        mollusks in any format.
        Yellow poke cake.

        1. Fresh raw oysters
          Steamed lobster and Dungeness crab
          Sunday gravy and spaghetti
          Fresh collard greens with cornbread
          Pate fois gras
          Honeydew melon
          Summer tomatoes

          1. Alaskan king crab legs drenched in butter

            1. I don't really care, as long as you cook it specially for me.

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                M, I tend to agree with you. Having a reputation as a good cook, have stated this before, means that every meal is at my house and I am required to cook. While I love to cook, would love just about any food that someone else would make, as long as it was prepared lovingly and carefully. Friends think that I will criticize or somehow denigrate their offerings, which just isn't true. Or maybe they are just lazy, but once in a while, would love to try someone else's cuisine.

              2. I'm not quite sure what you're asking...are you asking what homemade dish would ensure we fall in love with the cook? Or are you just asking what some of our favorite dishes are?

                1. Anything with heart is fine by me. But anything with thought would be even more touching. I've always waited for someone to make me a meal from my ethnic background, thinking it would be a very kind gesture for someone who always longs for the flavors of home.

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                      Paella or biryani or some hearty, festive fare would be nice. But what would really warm my heart would be a lovingly made estofado with pork, or even something as simple as longaniza and rice and some ukoy and bittermelon for vegetables and crunch. I am not holding my breath while I wait to meet someone who would happily make me brain masala or spicy dinuguan.

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                        >>I am not holding my breath while I wait to meet someone who would happily make me brain masala or spicy dinuguan.

                        Teehee! How awesome would it be to see this listed as a requirement on a dating website? ("Must love walks on the beach, cuddling, and making brain masala.") I triple dog dare you... ;)

                        1. re: cimui

                          I already have in my alter ego as the founder of the website thisiswhyimsingle.com. Luckily I'll have all the brain masala I want on my visit to Sabri Nehari in Chicago this weekend. If you know any singles who would enjoy the same meal, please send them my way!

                          1. re: JungMann

                            the brain masala discussion must've gotten pretty racy -- i can't seem to open the website!

                            but i will absolutely contemplate possible referrals. ;)

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                          I'd be glad to make you a spicy dinuguan!

                    2. Cheesecake
                      Spaghetti carbonara
                      Thai food of any kind

                      1. i read an entertaining blurb in a valentine's day issue of <<esquire>>, once, that offered pointers on how to win a woman heart. one strategy was to make her brownies that were burnt around the edges, so she'd realize your lack of skill and the correspondingly greater effort you went to, to make the brownies at all.

                        i have to admit i've fallen for this trick completely. my SO knows how to make exactly two things in the kitchen: pasta from a box and dosa. his dosas are about as thick as a pancake and maybe a little bit lumpy in spots, but i'm so touched and delighted every time he goes to the effort of making them for me. they take a lot of advanced planning!

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                          Mamaliga (Romanian corn meal), with a bit of butter stirred in, and topped with loads of brindza cheese (one can use other cheese, such as romano or feta, but that's a bit like enchiladas on white toast instead of corn tortillas). Just as my grandmorther brought it from Transylvania.

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                            E, my family is from Transylvania as well. Father (no longer living) grew up in Satmar Hungary/Romania. His family were Satmar Chasidim, very religious Jews. What other family recipes do you remember?

                        2. I concur with other posters in that the most important thing is the effort and thought that went into the meal and I would eat anything prepared with love with utter joy. Saying that, those who know me well know that my idea of heaven is trying lots of different things in small portions, i.e. Spanish tapas; a good Lebanese/Turkish mezze, dim sum, Italian antipasti and, especially, a proper Indian meal with some meat curry, vegetables, rice and bread. If I could eat like that everyday I certainly would.

                          1. Dessert made just for me. I think it comes from having a momma who did just that. Now that I'm gluten free, it means even more. Friends recently made us a fruit crisp with certified GF oats, and they had to 1) pay attention and 2) go way out of their way to find those. Now that's love.

                            1. I like how this has gone - food from the heart to one's heart.

                              the thought and effort over the specific ingredient. a much better basis.

                              in that case: whatever your grandmother made that you loved and have re-created.

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                              1. re: hill food

                                How about "whatever your grandmother made that you loved and you've suddenly, magically learned to re-create"? If I could replicate my Grandma Owen's fried chicken I would be one happy old boy. I might even want the old bat to come back and show me how, though I'm sure she'd refuse to do so.

                                Aside from that. reading the submissions thus far make me realize that creamy, savory pasta dishes loom large in both my legend and my wish list, starting with tuna-noodle casserole and moving right through spaghetti carbonara, turkey Tetrazzini, mac'n'cheese and all the macaroni/hamburger/tomato hot dishes on the Midwestern potluck circuit. Pork, mushrooms and gravy over spaetzle is pretty damn special, too, trust me.

                                1. re: hill food

                                  I'm with all of you above who have honed in on those who pay attention to the little things that are important to you and use food to show you they care. In that spirit, here are two favorite examples:

                                  - When I was a kid, I was not a big fan of eating breakfast and my family was big on the whole philosophy that it's "the most important meal of the day!" One morning my grandfather made me an egg. It wasn't scrambled. He sort of scrambled it as it cooked in the pan. Poppy hated for my mom or my grandmother to get on my case about not eating, so he made me breakfast and it tasted SO GOOD because it was truly made with love.

                                  - A dear family friend baked an entire box of Reese's peanut butter blossoms (the ones with the Hershey's kiss on top) for one of my birthdays. She filled an entire shirt box, complete with layers of tissue to stack multiple layers, of these homemade cookies just for me.

                                  hill food, as you said, thought and effort over specific ingredient(s) goes a long, long way. Cooking from the heart definitely touches my heart, too.

                                2. Fresh bread with cheese and olives, and fruit salad with mango, kiwi, and raspberries for appetizers.
                                  A salad with greens, grapefruit segments, and avocado.
                                  Fresh veggies prepared in some tasty way with a little pasta, or in a tart.
                                  Molten chocolate cake with ice cream, or a hot fudge sundae.

                                  Hmm... I had never thought about this before, and I guess my tastes aren't that complicated. Maybe I'll make this meal for myself soon.

                                  I agree with those who said anything homemade just for you is special, but I think it's even more special if the person has obviously thought about what you like most.

                                  1. -My mom's chicken and ham pasta casserole
                                    -Noodles and cheese (or technically cheese and noodles)
                                    -kropkakor or palt (large Swedish potato dumplings with pork inside)
                                    -Chinese pork buns
                                    -Roast duck with special dipping sauce that they sell at at Sun Sing Lung in Chinatown here in Montreal
                                    -Smokemeat Pete's smoked meat sandwiches
                                    -Grilled Tilapia fish like I've only ever had once before
                                    -homemade Sex in a Pan
                                    -a nameless recipe for chocolate caramel crackers that I got from a coworker
                                    -homemade taramosalata by this little old Greek lady at my church

                                    1. If I take this question literally, it has had to do with the inspiration with which it was chosen and made by the person in question.

                                      I remember the perfectly-prepared coffee with the gold filter, when those were a newer thing, and water-packed tuna on rice cakes at a hot beach with Corona and lime. In a different situation, it was a steamed salmon filet with cold unfiltered apple juice. And in yet another situation, the chili dog from the place two towns and an adventure away.

                                      The door to the heart was already open. For specific dishes, I'm just gonna fall in love with the food! Although if there's an exception to this it would probably be a Southeast Asian curry.

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                                      1. I don't know if I have a dish.

                                        My favourite thing is when somebody likes the food I make, so an appreciative mouth is the way to my heart!

                                        1. Oysters
                                          Asian food

                                          =) Those are winners!