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May 11, 2009 08:04 PM

Best Pasta in DC/Maryland?

Would someone recommend a good pasta place (even a small one) around DC or Maryland. I'm not into pasta but my sister in law is visiting and she wants to get some good pasta here. The place doesn't have to be fancy, but needs to taste like it's worth the special trip. Thanks.

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  1. Pasta Plus in Laurel Md is pretty good.
    Old fashioned Italian done very well.

    1. I would consider Tosca in DC. Search the board for mostly positive reviews!

      1. Not sure in which area you want to be, but you can't go wrong with Amici Miei off of 7 Locks Road in Potomac/Rockville, MD. Really reminds me of many places in Rome and Florence.

        1. Tosca's carrot flavored pappardelle with a rabbit ragu is phenomenal.

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            Agreed on Tosca's rabbit ragu.

            I think Palena has some of the best pasta in DC, you can sit in the cafe if you want a less formal dinner, but sometimes it is hard to get into.

            I also think Spezie is good, but not as good as Tosca.

            Recently Siroc has been getting good reviews, but I haven't been.

          2. every time I go to Renauto's in Potomac Village I wonder why this restaurant doesnt get more credits. The pasta dishes are consistantly good as is the other dishes.
            Some other mont co places with good pasta include Il Pizzico in Rockville and Biscotti in Derwood (great meat tortolini in cream sauce)