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May 11, 2009 07:53 PM

good chow close to the ridgefield playhouse??

hello, what are your faves please? thanks

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  1. Just had a nice meal at Fifty Coins on Main St. last night. Not fancy food but the four of us enjoyed our meals. Service was fast and although the crowd was light (it was a Monday) everyone seemed like they were having a good time. We've also been to Bailey's Backyard. Good for lunch but my dinners there have been so-so. Hope this helps.

    1. Fifty Coins is fun - especially for families - but LOUD! We love Bailey's Backyard and have had success with both lunch and dinner there (and, not that this is relevant for you, also had a FABULOUS private party there a few years ago).

      You can walk from the Playhouse to Piccolo Pizza (part of the Wilton Pizza & Pasta & Toozy Patza group) and get good pizza/Italian. They're on Prospect, just one block down the hill (which means uphill coming back!). Two doors up from Piccolo is Dimitri's Diner. Great for fast, fresh, definitely diner food. I'm partial to the Penne Pasta al Greco and my spouse swears by the Linguini Napolitano. At the far end of the same parking lot you can also dine at Koo. They define themselves as Neo-Japanese-fusion and have the most interesting variations on sushi I've ever seen. Pricier than the other options mentioned (Bailey's is second) was better when they first opened, although I haven't been there in awhile, so maybe they're back up to their original standards.

      Have a nice meal!

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        thanks, think i might just go to Luc's

      2. jfood loves Elms. It has been a while but Brendan can really crank out great chow.

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          local friends report elms is not creative chow and stuffy atmosphere

          1. re: intrepid

            This is a sample of the menu...looks pretty creative to jfood, but you can decide:

            Fall/Winter~ Lobster Shephard's Pie, Curried Apple & Buttercup Soup, Wood Grilled Venison - Spoonbread & Garden Sass, Thyme Roasted Pheasant with Red Flannel Hash, Buffalo Rib Eye with Cheddar Green Chili Souffle, Connecticut Seafood Stew, Apple Pandowdy, Indian Pudding, Chocolate Washington Pie

            Spring~Louisiana Crawfish Bisque, Spring Pea & Asparagus Soup, Stuffed White Graffiti Eggplant, Warm Artichoke Salad, Shad & Shad Roe, Red Snapper with Creamy Lobster Cole Slaw, Lamb Two Ways with Crisped Rosemary Dumplings

            Summer~ Lobster Corn Chowder, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Duck Margret with Figs, Stuffed Squash Blossoms, Pulled Wild Boar BBQ, Grilled Swordfish, Lobster Pan Roast, Wood Grilled Veal Chop, Fresh Berry Fool, Peach & Blueberry Pies, Strawberry Shortcake

            Customary Tavern Fare~ Elms Bangers N Mash (our chicken sausage), Corn Chowder, Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Fresh Ground Burger, Chicken Pot Pie, Venison Stew, Potted Brisket of Beef, Double Cut Pork Chops, Crabcakes, BBQ Pulled Pork, Roast Chicken Salad, Grilled Trout Salad, Beer Batter Fried Chicken, Wood Grilled Calves Liver, Meatloaf, or Lamb Stew.

            Likewise there are two sections, one a tavern and one a dining room. The former is a 200 year old tavern room, the antithesis of stuffy. The former is white table cloths. Viva la difference.

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              thanks, is it walkable to ridgefield playhouse?

              1. re: intrepid

                It is walkable...if the weather is good and if you are in good shape.

                Turn left out of the Elms and walk a little more than a block to the traffic light. Turn left at the light onto Prospect. You will go downhill and then uphill. At the top of the hill (after crossing two small intersections - stop signs) you will see the former Ridgefield High School. The entrance to the Playhouse is in back. I would guesstimate that the walk is equivalent to about six or seven blocks but there is an uphill portion in both directions, which will be steeper on the way back to the Playhouse after dinner.

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                    I was in town this evening so I clocked it for you. It's exactly 1/2 mile door to door from the Playhouse to The Elms (and you could probably shave off a small bit if you cut through the library parking lot).

                    I wouldn't recommend high heels....but it's definitely walkable if you don't mind the hills.