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May 11, 2009 07:51 PM

Morgan Harbor Grill, Chicago

Yay for fresh sushi in Chicago! My husband brought me home sushi from Good Morgan's new restaurant side, Morgan Harbor Grill. I wasn't there myself, so I don't know too much physical details, but he said there were about 4 tables or so. I'm happy because they can tempura your fish or the whole sushi and other than the menu can make the sushi with whatever ingredients you want. Anyone else been there yet?

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  1. Great! I will try next week and post my reviews. Anyone else who has been please post.

    1. My sister and I have eaten lunch there a few weeks ago and my husband has gotten sushi from there as carry-out. Definitely the best kosher sushi available in the city. When I was there the place looked pretty lame especially considering that they had spent a number of months renovating it. But we passed by it yesterday, and they have actually added nice tables and chairs, which is very exciting! It looks way better now.
      The sushi chef (I wish I remembered his name) is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond and recommending and preparing items to your liking. Please note that since this is a kosher restaurant, the fish selection is limited and does not include any shell fish. I am absolutely going back in the near future!

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        "Definitely the best kosher sushi available in the city."

        Sorta like saying the best unicorn you've ever eaten? Kosher sushi in Chicago is slightly less flavorful than the fake grass strip they throw in the container.

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            CRC. And I may have to eat my words. Although I haven't been, I've heard from a couple of reliable friends that it's pretty good. Their chef has a good track record. I may stop by in the next week or two:


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              I was there recently and absolutely love it. It's a great restaurant that just happens to be kosher. Really, the chef is just so friendly & the food is excellent (sushi, tempura, salad - the tuna salad is from fresh fish...not from a can...delicious!!!). The presentation is wonderful too. Even the server was a real professional (not your typical, " you want fries with that?"). I was blown away. The prices are also great too. I really do hope more people come there and become loyal customers. It's a class act!!

      2. Is it near or accessible to downtown Chicago?

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          It is north of chicago in the West Rogers Park neighborhood - probably 25-30 minute cab ride from downtown -

          The only kosher option downtown is Metro Klub at 733 W Madison - only down side is they are only open for Lunch -

          1. re: weinstein5

            Packaged lunches from Sandwich Club are also available every day at the South Loop Synagogue on Clark Street. More information can be obtained by contacting their office. Sometimes, I call the Sandwich Club (located in Skokie) the day before and pre-order something that they don't normally deliver and pay for it over the phone with a credit card and they drop it off at the South Loop Synagogue as well.
            A general pre-packaged lunch consists of a sandwich/wrap, chips, cookie and soft drink. Cost is about $10. Hope this helps. Metro Klub is great for lunch meetings and lunches in general. Please note that when you arrive, the restaurant actually has a kosher and a non-kosher section, so you do need to specify to your hostess where you want to sit (at least I have to every time).

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              Is Morgan Harbor Grill open Motzaei Shabbos? I am looking for a date night after this Shabbos...

              1. re: yaelaldrich

                You can contact them at 773-764-8115 for information.

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                  I know they were talking about opening up on Sat. nights - I'm not sure when they'll do it. I hope soon - I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I've been there 3 times and the food is excellent - the wait staff is great and the chef is top notch.

          2. We walked by Morgan's restaurant yesterday in West Rogers Park, and there was a green "eviction" sign posted by the Sheriff's department. Evidently the restaurant is no longer open.

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              evicted would make them very very "open" ;-)

              1. re: berel

                that's a shame-we went in may and were impressed