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May 11, 2009 07:39 PM

Atlanta -- hip / trendy but good?

I'm travelling to Atlanta on business for a convention and I haven't really been to the city before. I need to entertain some colleagues from other parts of the country. I'd like to find a place that's pretty hip and trendy, with a good bar -- the kind of place the rest of the folks in my group will remember as noteworthy. I have an expense account (helpful), but I could really benefit from some suggestions.

If it helps, we're staying downtown near the convention center. What little I know of Atlanta tells me that's not really the center for dining. As long as the restaurant is within taxi distance of the downtown, I should be OK.

I'm grateful for the help. Where to go for a good time?

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  1. Two Urban Licks comes to mind. I have always enjoyed the food, and the atmosphere is what you are looking for. They also have interesting drinks and wine service.

    1. I've always liked Ecco.

        1. re: sadie1

          Floataway food is excellent for sure, but not a good bar scene, nor would I call it hip and trendy.

        2. Holeman & Finch has a pretty good bar scene. Great food and great, inventive drinks.