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May 11, 2009 07:30 PM

Best Italian Restaurant in Little Italy

I searched the blogs and found nothing on where the best place and most reasonable place to eat in Little Italy for lunch or dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. Of all the Little Italys in the world,this dame had to . . . never mind! Which are you referring to. Try any in SF or the Hill District in St. Louis.

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      "The Best" board covers a specific geographic area. Here's the clip from the powers that be:

      <<The intent of this board is to allow posters looking for an item or a restaurant across the New York metropolitan area - i.e., the areas covered by the Manhattan, Outer Boroughs and Tri-State boards - to post on one board.>>

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        What a shame. An innocent question that rec'd a "dame" reference. Please do not respond ...again. My mistake for asking a simple question and actually forgetting to mention " In New York..." Thankfully, LNG212 actually gave me what I needed...politely.

        1. re: PEDE

          Pede, since you're looking in Little Italy, you might try searching the Manhattan board. I seem to recall there being a number of threads about it relatively recently. Good luck.

          1. re: LNG212

            i would go with Il Cortile. Da Nico and Angelo's are good too.

      2. Sadly, there is very liftle left of Little Italy in downtown Manhattan. What's more, the restaurants tend to have shills who stand outside the restaurants and hustle in people off the street to eat there. The finest italian restaurants in NYC are NOT in LIttle Italy. If you have to eat there Il Cortlle is passable, but Zagat's will give you 30 other places that are better than Cortile at the same price or less.

          1. re: jenhen2

            I haven't had alot of high end Italian food, but the meal I had at Lunelli's(Lunella's?) was the best Italian meal of my life. Amazing osso buco, fettucini alfredo, etc...