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Great Caesar Salad in L.A.

My husband is a Caesar salad aficionado and we haven't found a great one in L.A. besides Dan Tana's - does anyone have any other faves? Don't hold the anchovies - yummmm!

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  1. It's not a true Caesar, but I love the tricolore salad at Pizza Mozza - it's definitely anchovy-y. I was also surprised to find that Fleming's has quite a yummy one - i think they put mustard in the dressing, so it has a kick.

    1. I love Dan Tana's Caesar, indeed. But Musso and Franks has one that is just as good. I've had it many, many times. And unless it has changed, the Bowery on Sunset just east of Vine also has a terrific Casear.

      1. We are big fans of the Caesar at Houstons. It has a nice dressing laced with garlic, and won't break the budget. For a chain, they do a great job. Always served on an ice cold plate with an ice cold fork.
        Are there any restaurants that still whip it up tableside with the raw egg dressing, or is that illegal these days?

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          Edendale Grill in Silverlake used to... and it was a very good one. I have not been in a few months and I know the menu changed a little, so I am not sure it is still on the menu.

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            Dal Rae Caesar Salad (For Two) 16.50
            Prepared Table Side

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              Dal Rae
              9023 E. Washington Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660

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              I agree. I love Houston's Caesar salad, or any of their salads.

              I don't often order Caesar salad's though, and the ones I have ordered weren't memorable. So I don't have any suggestions for the OP.

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                just came from dinner at houston's in manhattan beach and had the houston's caesar.
                the fork wasn't cold
                the plate wasn't cold
                the garlic flavor was hardly discernable
                tasted not at all of anchovy
                virtually no lemon tang

                the cheese they used was good, though.

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                  I like Houston's but I've never found their Caesar to be very impressive either.

                1. First I should say...I don't like anchovies. So you might not like mine. But I do love the Ceaser at California Chicken Cafe. It has pita chips instead of croutons. It's actually really good.

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                    I second CCC. All salads, the chicken and fruit salad -- outstanding and fresh everytime. BTW, I love anchovies but IMO they have no proper place in any salad dressing or on top of a pizza. I have my anchovies on crackers along with beer.


                  2. Guido's in West LA does it tableside too.
                    House of Blues Sunset has a damn respectable caesar too.

                    Guido's Restaurant
                    11980 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025

                    House of Blues Sunset Strip
                    8430 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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                      Porch Restaurant or Foundation Room restaurant?

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                        I'm not sure, I've only eaten there in the dressing room. I think it is from the porch menu.

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                          The dressing room only serves Porch food-and, yes, their Ceaser is pretty darn good!

                    2. Del Rae in Pico Rivera has a good one. They make it right at your table...

                      1. this may not be up your alley but i LOVE the caesar salad at Real Food Daily.

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                            My tableside Caesar at Boa Santa Monica was the best I've had. It was better than the steak, unfortunately.

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                              I was going to post the same thing. The caesar at Boa is amazing and done to order. I do love their bone-in ribeye though but the caesar is awesome.

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                                I had the bone-in rib eye and it wasn't good. It was cooked perfectly but run up with gristle. I'm not talking about the nice fat that makes rib eyes my favourite steak. This was a poor piece of meat.

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                                  I'm sorry to hear that. For that amount of money, it should be like butter. If that was me, the management would definitely have heard about it.

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                                  Boa Steakhouse (the one in West Hollywood) makes the best Caesar salad I've ever had. They make it tableside and perfectly. Other Caesar salads don't come even close. I like the one at Dan Tana's, but this one is better, IMO.

                            2. Does anyone here remember the now gone. Sal's Martoni that was on Cahuenga near Selma in Hollywood. Its been gone since around '94. Now I think its a printer's shop. They had my fav. Caesar Salad. It was oily, not creamy, garlicy, and just perfect. I'd love to find one in the area like it.

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                                Yes BOA'S has incredible caesar salad made right in front of you.

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                                  Wow. I LOVED that place and was so bummed when it closed. It was this amazing NYC style italian place right in the middle of hollywood. I am so glad someone remembers it. Do you have any idea what happened?

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                                    Two things happened, I just don't remember the order. There was the '94 quake and a heart attack. One caused trouble and then the other sealed their fate. As I heard, the owners wife called it quits after the second event. Martoni's was just perfect and I don't know anywhere in town that compares to their dark, old school record industry vibe.

                                2. I really like Fleming's Caesar...which is weird, because I think everything else on the menu is truly mediocre (including hands down the worst meat of any high end steakhouse).

                                  1. I've enjoyed the Caesar salad at Miceli's in Studio City. While not entirely an authentic Caesar, it is pretty tasty along with their delicious rolls.

                                    1. I'm a big fan of the Caesar at Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro at The Grove LA. It is served table side for ~$10 an order (minimum of two orders). They give you a taste to make sure it is to your liking before it is served.

                                      1. Thanks everyone - I think we'll start at Musso & Frank's and take the Caesar's tour from there...

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                                          Definitely go to Dal Rae's, they make it tableside. Old fashioned red leather booths, good drinks and food.

                                        2. i know, i know, it's a chain and it isn't the classic caesar, but,
                                          cheesecake factory serves a huge, garliky caesar for about $11 or so.
                                          best price/quantity in town
                                          and still good in terms of price/quality

                                          1. Adagio in Woodland Hills made tableside and fantastic

                                            1. Actually, I think Dal Rae's sounds better to me than Musso and Frank's - the caesar and the steaks might be worth the drive from West Hollywood?

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                                                If you like old school restaurants, ambiance and service, you will like Dal Rae. The food is consistently good, and it's definitely worth a drive to try it at least once, as it is a Southern California classic.

                                              2. If you like your Caesar with TONS of garlic try Stonefire Grill's take on it.

                                                1. I always loved the Ceasar salad at Hal's in Venice (I always asked for extra anchovies,) followed by the chicken and fries--yummm!