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May 11, 2009 06:11 PM

Good for your heart...

I'm trying to eat less meat lately, and thought that beans would be a satisfying meal that is high in fiber and protein. Can any hounds recommend a good main entre staring beans that I could try for dinner sometime? I know.....there's a million things with flavors all over the board. But I'm stuck for suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Here's two that I make often- 3 bean chili and bean enchiladas.

    For lunch, I make a bean salad and mix with arugula before eating. It also makes a good light dinner.

    1. Here are several that we've enjoyed, two very different flavor profiles but both wonderful:

      1. cook pink lentils and coarse bulgur in chicken stock. takes about 10-15 minutes. when it's done add fresh or dried mint and a wee bit of olive oil.

        i also like brown lentils with assertive greens like watercress or broccoli rabe. lots of garlic and red chili flake.

        1. I make bean burgers with chickpeas, kidney beans or any others I have in the pantry, mixing them with breadcrumbs (or rolled oats), spices and saute├ęd onion, garlic and grated carrot or zucchini.

          I have also used mashed beans in fritattas and they add a nice flavour and consistency. Chillis are great served with rice and with lentils, you can do a lentil loaf or meatless shepherd's pie for something different.

          1. I eat beans daily, but generally use a small amount of meat as a flavoring. I make thick soups with lots of beans and other vegetables. For 3 quarts of soup, usually about 2-3 ounces of sausage, small dice or sliced into thin coins and thoroughly seared in a little oil before adding chopped onions and stirring to deglaze the deep fond that has formed. Then the liquid, beans, and other vegetables. Water, stock, canned tomato - all your choice, as are seasonings. That's 6-8 entree portions. Some bread or crackers and it's a hearty meal.

            I also make my mother's standard lentil dish - not much eye-appeal, but filling and tasty. She sliced a half of a daisy butt, put it in a pot with 2 quarts of water, a bay leaf, a couple fo chopped onions, and a pound of lentils, simmering until the lentils were breaking down and the mixture was the consistency of refried beans, not soupy. Served with buttered boiled potato. I use less meat, and more seasoning, like balsamic vinegar and soy at the end, or sometimes Indian seasonings. And rice rather than potato. If I have leftover ham or a ham bone, that can be used rather than daisy butt.