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Good for your heart...

I'm trying to eat less meat lately, and thought that beans would be a satisfying meal that is high in fiber and protein. Can any hounds recommend a good main entre staring beans that I could try for dinner sometime? I know.....there's a million things with flavors all over the board. But I'm stuck for suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Here's two that I make often- 3 bean chili and bean enchiladas.

    For lunch, I make a bean salad and mix with arugula before eating. It also makes a good light dinner.

    1. Here are several that we've enjoyed, two very different flavor profiles but both wonderful:



      1. cook pink lentils and coarse bulgur in chicken stock. takes about 10-15 minutes. when it's done add fresh or dried mint and a wee bit of olive oil.

        i also like brown lentils with assertive greens like watercress or broccoli rabe. lots of garlic and red chili flake.

        1. I make bean burgers with chickpeas, kidney beans or any others I have in the pantry, mixing them with breadcrumbs (or rolled oats), spices and saute├ęd onion, garlic and grated carrot or zucchini.

          I have also used mashed beans in fritattas and they add a nice flavour and consistency. Chillis are great served with rice and with lentils, you can do a lentil loaf or meatless shepherd's pie for something different.

          1. I eat beans daily, but generally use a small amount of meat as a flavoring. I make thick soups with lots of beans and other vegetables. For 3 quarts of soup, usually about 2-3 ounces of sausage, small dice or sliced into thin coins and thoroughly seared in a little oil before adding chopped onions and stirring to deglaze the deep fond that has formed. Then the liquid, beans, and other vegetables. Water, stock, canned tomato - all your choice, as are seasonings. That's 6-8 entree portions. Some bread or crackers and it's a hearty meal.

            I also make my mother's standard lentil dish - not much eye-appeal, but filling and tasty. She sliced a half of a daisy butt, put it in a pot with 2 quarts of water, a bay leaf, a couple fo chopped onions, and a pound of lentils, simmering until the lentils were breaking down and the mixture was the consistency of refried beans, not soupy. Served with buttered boiled potato. I use less meat, and more seasoning, like balsamic vinegar and soy at the end, or sometimes Indian seasonings. And rice rather than potato. If I have leftover ham or a ham bone, that can be used rather than daisy butt.

            1. How about a vegetarian cassoulet? Substitute the typical sausages, pork, etc. with things like squash, eggplants, and sweet potatoes or yams.

              1. curried lentil soup and throw some chopped kale or spinach in it.

                i second the burger idea. beans + wheat germ/oats + egg + herbs + onion. serve with some sliced avocados.

                i beans per se, but we like making quinoa cakes with eggplant/roasted pepper sauce

                1. http://ranchogordo.com/html/rg_cook_i...

                  You might like to check out the recipes for beans on the Rancho Gordo web page

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                    Thanks Diva. Loved the Rancho Gordo website. I got a lot of good ideas to try from this.

                  2. My husband and I are long-time vegans and eat lots of beans.

                    Black beans and brown rice (or quinoa or corn tortillas or corn bread) with veggies (broccoli, zucchini, greens, etc) salsa & guacamole

                    Pasta with garbanzos, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts or veggies of choice

                    any of a variety of curries with garbanzos (with sweet potato & cauliflower)

                    Brown rice with adzukis and stir fry veggies

                    Armenian Lentil soup (Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure by Lorna J. Sass)

                    Mediterranean lentils (Pure & Simple by Tami A. Benton)

                    Buckwheat/Pinto casserole with sesame sauce (ExtraVeganZa by Laura Matthias).
                    Posole and (vegan) goulash are more appropriate for cold weather.

                    Consider seeing if your local library has any good veg(etari)an cookbooks and look through those for ideas/inspiration.

                    1. Here are some of my "go to" meatless dinners
                      Rice, lentils & caramelized onions (Mjedrah)

                      Israeli couscous, chick peas & caramelized onions

                      Kashe varnishkes & caramelized onions
                      (Yeah, I dig caramelized onions)

                      imam bayildi

                      Mark Bittman's tomato paella

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                        A favorite at my vegetarian daughter's house is Hummus with added black beans. It's a great moisturizer for greens in tortilla wraps or pita bread.

                        Hummus........SANCHEZ style
                        2 cans Garbanzo Beans
                        1 Can Black Beans
                        2 - (2.25 oz) cans Jalapeno Olives (1 can stranned)
                        1/3C. Tahinni ( sesame seed butter)
                        1/4C. Olive Oil
                        1/4c Fresh Lemon Juice
                        1-2 fresh Jalapenos diced
                        2 heaping TBSP Cumin
                        1tsp Tyme
                        salt and pepper to taste

                        Or you can use a packaged Menudo Mix seasoning.

                      2. We make quesadillas with black beans, mushrooms, and feta cheese. They're really good. I don't have the recipe in front of me, but saute some garlic and onion with the mushrooms, add some cumin (salt, etc.), fold in black beans, feta, cilantro, put on a tortilla and grill.

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                          Sounds like just the perfect thing for me. I make veggie quesadillas a lot and love these flavors. One question about the feta. I was going to use this with a tomato/scallion quesadilla, but didn't think the cheese would melt nicely and bind the other ingredients, so I went with cheddar. Does the feta melt well?