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Dinner in Ogunquit

My husband and I will be spending two nights in Ogunquit in late May- but will get in too late for dinner the first night. I know there are some really good restaurants here (we've never been) and we'd like to book a memorable dinner for Wednesday night. Unfortunately Arrows is closed on Wednesdays- any other recommendations?
I've seen good reviews on The Front Porch, mixed reviews on Gypsy Sweethearts. We're looking to do lunch at either MC Perkins Cove or Barnacle Billy's- we're looking for an upscale, memorable place for dinner. What's the hot new restaurant in Ogunquit? If you could only eat at one place, where would it be?

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  1. We were there 3 weeks ago and had a great meal at Roberto's:

    http://www.robertos.com/ took resies for 2 which I liked, plus staff was very, very nice!

    Now, it may not fit all your requirements, , but we were happy.

    Trust me, if any negative views, someone will post shortly!

    I did try to get my husband to try MC's twice, but for some reason didn't work out. A lot of places weren't open yet then.

    1. Ive been to Ogunquit many times and I think you would like Five O Shore Road (http://www.five-oshoreroad.com/) For a nice really good restaurant! There is a nice new place on shore rd. called PRIME which they say is very nice. My wife and I also like Varano's which is an Italian place in Wells, that is very good(http://www.varanos.com/) I also like a place on Main st. in Ogunquit called Joshua's (http://www.joshuas.biz/) Which I hear is real nice. There's a place called Gypsy Sweethearts which is real nice.(http://www.gypsysweethearts.com/index...) Any way I hope this helps,, good luck and enjoy your stay in Ogunquit..We always do..Earle ct.

      1. Jonathan's is where we'd eat if we only had one choice. :)

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          Although not in Ogunquit (Earle stated Main st. in Ogt. when it's actually in Wells), I still feel the need to recommend Joshua's for my one dinner. It's always a fantastic dining experience - he has his own farm which supplies many of the seasonal vegetables. This is about a 10min. drive from downtown Ogt. as long as there is no traffic on route one...

          However, walking distance in Ogunquit, I would recommend 98 Provence (quaint, romantic, French fare) or MC Perkin's Cove (views).

        2. I would switch lunch for dinner and have dinner at MC Perkins Cove. The food is good but the place is very pretty and the view is fabulous. Other good places but with no view are Prime (nice but noisey), Gypsy Sweethearts and 98 Provence (I find the food there very heavy but many people love it). Roberto's is ok - basic uninspired italian food but decent- however, we have found the service there terrible. Another place that is quite nice is Cape Neddick Inn- on Route 1 in Cape Neddick- re-opened a couple of years ago. Have not been since they re-opened but hopefully someone can chime in if they have been there. Barnicle Billy's ( the original , not Etc. which is the more formal one) is a great place for anytime. Sit outside on the deck and have their famous delicious rum punch. Al;so, for breakfast try the excellent Cove Cafe at the entrance to Perkins Cove. Excellent.

          1. MC Perkins Cove is definitely someplace to go for dinner while in Ogunquit. You'll want to make an early reservation in order to be able to appreciate the incredible view from the dining room. My husband and I had dinner there last fall, and it was fabulous -- I'll certainly go again if the opportunity arises. Outstanding food and service.

            You didn't mention it, but if you're looking for a breakfast spot, Cafe Amore was also wonderful. I understand it has moved closer to Perkins Cove, but I'm not exactly sure where. We had a fabulous breakfast that was well worth the wait time.

            1. MC Perkins cove. Best view but food overrated. I had a $20 "Kobe Beef" hamburger that was horrible. The smoked salmon was great. My wife's entree was just OK.
              Jackie's 2 has a similar view and better food. Service is spotty.
              Five O is good.
              Angelina's is our favorite Italian restaurant.
              Amore or Egg and I for breakfast.
              Lobster pound is good for lobster.
              In Wells:
              Billy's Chowder House is great. ( best chowder)
              The " Steakhouse is very good but hard to get into.
              Congdon's Restaurant has the best donuts ever.

              Beach fire is great for cocktails by the fire pit.

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                Have had the kobe beef burger at MC many times and it is great. What exactly was"horrible" about it?? And, if it was truly horrible, did you send it back and if not why not?? There are lots of good choices there and I am sure they would have given you something else if you wanted it. Not fair to descrine something as horrible without specifying why.

              2. Easy choice for me. MC Perkins cove is a big stand out. Plus you get to eat at a Mark & Clark restaurant. Too bad you will miss Arrows. It's well worth a visit!
                Totally agree with the other poster that said avoid Barnacle Billy's sit down establishment. Lousy service and the worlds smallest Lobster roll.
                Beachfire is totally cheesy.

                1. It's been a while since I've been up that way, but I've had a couple of memorable dinners at Clay Hill Farm. It's not on the water, and consequently doesn't get as much press, but there are beautiful views of the gardens and birdhouses and feeders from many of the dining areas. We found this purely by chance when a dinner was included as part of a hotel weekend package, and were pleasantly surprised. I've sent others who have been pleased. As I recall, it's about a five minute drive from beautiful downtown Ogunquit.

                  Check out the site: http://www.clayhillfarm.com/

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                    MC Perkins Cove is overrated. The food is over priced and mediocre and the service was no better.

                    Five 0 Shore road has better service but mediocre food.

                    Gypsy Sweethearts, sit outside at night, its incredibly romantic. The food's not bad.

                    If you like butter and salt go to 98 Provence.

                    Amore Breakfast is fabulous but Bread and Roses has the best croissant's south of Montreal.

                    Black Sushi next to the movie theater is the best!

                    In York, Blue Sky, great for drinks and appetizers but don't go for dinner. The York Harbor Inn is classy & romantic with good food and a professional staff.

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                      I think the most romantic with the best food are Joshua's and 98 Provence. Five 0 has a great bar and drinks. The Front Porch's food is very good and the crowd is lively.

                  2. Bintliff's on Main Street in Ogunquit is a great choice for dinner (www.bintliffsogunquit.com) and is open every night. Lots of choices on the dinner menu, only surpassed by the number of options on the brunch menu - John