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May 11, 2009 05:41 PM

burgers/sausages and beer

This is actually a three part question.

I LOVE great beer and great burgers/fries/sausages.

Are there any places that have 10-40 fantastic beers, sorta like stanton public, but also have extremely good burgers! You know the $10+ burgers that use fancy cheeses like aged gruyere cheese, organic produce, thick-cut aged beef cooked medium rare, brioche bun, etc.

Ditto for a place with crazy good beer but also crazy good sausages and/or authentic belgian fries. I like exotic sausages like rabbit, rattlesnake, wild boar, lamb, great beer brats, etc. I don't need the sausages to be THAT exotic necessairly, but many times I like to get something different than polish, franks, and brats. If anything, if there are places with really nice brats and fries and great beer, that will suffice.

Most times I find a place with great beers but average burgers/sausages, or a place with really great burgers, but not much of a beer list to choose from.


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  1. Stanton Public? Are you talking about Stanton Social? Or Public? Or something else.

    If I recall recall, the following places have burgers and a variety of beers (on tap and bottled):
    Spitzer's Corner
    Irving Mill
    BLT Burger
    Blue Smoke
    Black Iron

    For sausage, I'd look into the new Wechsler's Currywurst & Bratwurst in the East Village.

    For fries and beers, try Vol de Nuit.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for the list.

      Stanton Public is a place in the LES that has really great beers.
      like the hard to find belgians and microbrews that make Sierra Nevada look like budweiser (in terms of volume not quality), etc.

      Spitzer's Corner was spot on! I cant believe I forgot about this place. I passed by it last time I was visiting Manhattan last year and made a mental note.

      As for the sausage place, you nailed it. I looked up some places that came up that were related to Wchsler's and I found 4 others. I think I am good on the brat and beer front.

      I think Black Iron Burger Shop was also intriguing in the list.

      Thanks for the great rec!

    2. For a really large beer selection and a first rate burger the Waterfront Ale House is a top choice.

      Waterfront Ale House
      540 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016

      1. The B Cafes (UES and UWS) have a fairly extensive and well-chosen beer selection and fantastic fries. They also have a good-looking burger that I haven't actually tried. I'm pretty sure it's served on a brioche bun.