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May 11, 2009 05:23 PM

Earls Clam Chowder

ok Ive tried a few places now...place on granville island (forget the name)...tried Olivers in yaletown...but I keep going back to Earls....is there something wrong with ?? where else should I try???

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  1. I imagine Earls is NE style but need to know which type of clam chowder you like! I like New England clam chowder - thick! We spent 5 days in New England and had chowder in every restaurant/bar/food court we ate at. There were lots of different styles...thin/thick/more potatoes/less potatoes, etc. etc...

    Now, thinking of this, I do NOT have a fave place in Vancouver for NE Clam Chowder....I did think Rodney's Oyster Bar was ok...but no others stand out...I'm curious to hear what others think!

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      This probably isn't helpful given that this rec isn't in Vancouver... but if you're ever across the water in Victoria, I really enjoyed the clam chowder at Fire & Water Chop House in the Mariott (2 years ago... so not sure how it is now). It was of the thinner variety, but with really good clam flavour, and fresh clams with shells still on.

      I'd love to know where the good clam chowder is in Vancouver.

      Or I should just make my own. Any favourite recipes?

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        I hear The Cannery's Chowder Bar is the place to go. (I'm not a chowder guy, so no first had recs). http://www.canneryseafood.com/index.p...

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        i tried rodneys... i tried the manhattan because ive never tried that style before..it was pritty watery but i guess its supposed to be like that... pritty good...i still have to try their NE....
        i guess i will give the Cannery a go, hopefully i can get takeout

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          Joe Fortes also has chowder. I haven't had it for a couple of years or so or 3, but it was good!

      3. I like the chowder at Earl's too. Or at least I did. i haven't eaten there in a few years because it is way too expensive for what you get, imo. I worked at Earl's in the early nineties and I still have the chowder recipe.

        1. There is a chowder place at Broadway and Willow which I used to walk by. Although I have never tried it .. Sorry the name escapes me!

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            No idea why the name of the place jmil is talking about stuck in my mind as I've never eaten there but voila!

            Kanata Chowder House
            812 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z, CA

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              omg ive seen this place before...im gonna try it... so far away from me though :(