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May 11, 2009 05:11 PM

sushi novice

I dined at Misaka, in Hyannis, last night and had a very good dinner, but I was a bit confussed when the sushi arrived. I ordered spicy tuna, crazy maki and salmon sashimi. The tray did not come with any wasabi or pickled ginger. My dinner date said that this was the chef's choice and that he deemed it unecessary, and to ask for it would be rude. The table next to me had wasabi and pickled ginger on their tray, but i couldn't identify their rolls. So my question is ...Did the chef just forget the condiments, or was this the way the food was meant to be eaten? I usually float a glob of wasabi in the soy sauce and drag the roll through it!...On another topic has anybody eaten sushi at Peking Palace in Falmouth, and is it any good? I am bitten by the sushi bug, and it is much closer to home.

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  1. The chef just forgot. And you should do the same with your dinner date.

    Another time, you might ask if they have real ("fresh") wasabi,as opposed to the green food coloring plus horseradish compound that goes by the name of wasabi in most places. If they do, you can put a little more confidence in the restaurant.

    In Japan, diners usually just pick up a little wasabi with each bite of sushi/sashimi, rather than making the soy sauce /"wasabi" dipping mix that is standard in this country. If you go someplace with real wasabi, try it this way: the flavor is subtly complementary to the fish.

    1. Hello, I like the sushi @ peking,, alittle pricey but good they also operate Asia in Mashpee Commons ,,havent been there yet but here its good,,