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May 11, 2009 05:08 PM

School fundraisers gone mad

We're about to hit that time of year again...Spring/summer festivals at school, with the kids whacked out on sugary treats, sunburned parents, and obligatory bake sales.

The question I'd like to pose is, what would people actually like to buy at these sales? I assume we're all sick of butter tarts and cookies. If I'm to go to the trouble, I want to make grown-up food. Mini foccacias or pissadieres currently top my list, but I'd love a few other suggestions.

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  1. i'll bet there would be *many* appreciative parents and kids if you made something (anything!) that was gluten-free.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      a gluten free item is a great idea. everyone will feel included.. you can try peanut free too

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        But if you're making something gluten-free with your usual baking tools (assuming you also bake with gluten), won't you be risking cross-contamination? I would imagine that celiacs won't take a chance on a gluten-free bake sale item unless the item came from a gluten-free kitchen or a 100%-trusted cook/baker. I'd be scared to advertise something as such and then have someone get sick.

        1. re: sfumato

          i commented about this a little further down-thread. it would be wise to make up a label or sign to go with the item, stating that although the ingredients are GF, it was made in a kitchen that isn't. but you're right, anyone who's really sensitive wouldn't take their chances & trust that the product was safe/uncontaminated...including me.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Whenever I bake for a bake sale or friend, I mark the package. "this item doesn't contain nuts, but my kitchen does." Some people may not be intolerant or allergic, just looking to avoid certain things..

      2. I have a hard time resisting carrot, cranberry, zucchini, or other like breads. Offer some nice butter and sell it by the slice, 'cupcake', or by the loaf.

        1. Mini foccacias would be amazing. YUM.

          I'm very unlikely to spend my hard-earned cash on box-mix brownies (eew) or something. So why not either something creative, rich, and interesting (lavender-polenta cake? meyer lemon or blood orange tartlets? cashew fleur de sel caramels?) OR something useful, like nice fresh bread or even frozen bread dough?

          Good luck!

          1. "We" do dipped pretzels, I know they are not THAT hard.... but I'd still buy them....I also love "blondies".

            1. what about a variety of biscottis? is that too middle of the road - you could do some really neat flavours

              I know it's a "bake" sale - but what about making seasonal jams, chutneys, relishes? Too much work?