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Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce

namreb May 11, 2009 04:58 PM

Ever since i saw my friend's bbq cellar filled with various bottled bbq sauces from around the country i have become obsessed!

Just came across a new bbq sauce called Famous Dave's .....is it good?

what is your favorite bottled bbq sauce ?

loves gates....going to try Brooks (from oneonta ny) and big ricks

  1. c
    CDouglas May 11, 2009 06:17 PM

    Famous Dave's is a chain restaurant so it will probably get derided here but their sauces are pretty good. The Rich & Sassy is their house sauce but I like the Devil's Spit better.

    Others I like are Stubbs, Woody's, Blues Hog Original, Bone Suckin' Sauce, Dinosaur BBQ Sauce and Bullseye.

    1. j
      jb44 May 12, 2009 08:52 PM

      Oh my goodness Brooks is tremendous

      it is buttery silky and unique....

      anyone else ever had that?

      1. Fritter May 13, 2009 05:44 AM

        Famous Dave's BBQ sauce is very good. Costco carries it here.

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        1. re: Fritter
          Fritter Jun 11, 2009 03:46 AM

          ACK Did I write that? What was I thinking? I do not like any thing from Famous Daves-GACK!
          I was thinking of Sweet Baby Rays.

        2. kubasd Jun 11, 2009 05:59 AM

          Their spicy one is tasty, but that's about it...

          1. n
            nimeye Jun 11, 2009 02:42 PM

            I really like the Devil's Spit, but the rest are forgettable. I'm a big fan of Stubbs and Sweet Baby Ray's when it comes to national brands.

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            1. re: nimeye
              Fritter Jun 11, 2009 02:44 PM

              I really like the Stubbs pork marinade.

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