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May 11, 2009 04:58 PM

Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce

Ever since i saw my friend's bbq cellar filled with various bottled bbq sauces from around the country i have become obsessed!

Just came across a new bbq sauce called Famous Dave's .....is it good?

what is your favorite bottled bbq sauce ?

loves gates....going to try Brooks (from oneonta ny) and big ricks

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  1. Famous Dave's is a chain restaurant so it will probably get derided here but their sauces are pretty good. The Rich & Sassy is their house sauce but I like the Devil's Spit better.

    Others I like are Stubbs, Woody's, Blues Hog Original, Bone Suckin' Sauce, Dinosaur BBQ Sauce and Bullseye.

    1. Oh my goodness Brooks is tremendous

      it is buttery silky and unique....

      anyone else ever had that?

      1. Famous Dave's BBQ sauce is very good. Costco carries it here.

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          ACK Did I write that? What was I thinking? I do not like any thing from Famous Daves-GACK!
          I was thinking of Sweet Baby Rays.

        2. Their spicy one is tasty, but that's about it...

          1. I really like the Devil's Spit, but the rest are forgettable. I'm a big fan of Stubbs and Sweet Baby Ray's when it comes to national brands.

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              I really like the Stubbs pork marinade.