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May 11, 2009 04:24 PM

Spago or CUT?

Or Dan Tana's? We'll only be in this area 3 nights & only want to do 1 splurge. I've done tons of reading & researching but only these 3 stand out to me so far. We'll be staying in W. Hollywood (Le Montrose), no car & I won't rent one.

Any splurge restaurants you think are more worthy? It's myself & my son who is 19 if that makes any difference. He has great taste & enjoys good food like me but could care less about choosing - he leaves that up to me. I'm not thrilled with the price of CUT - especially because I know I'd want to try the Japanese Wagyu, and I'm still debating about "go big or go home"...(we're from Vancouver). Spago I'm thinking of, because it's "Spago"...

I'm not so much looking for celebrity chef as we did most of those in NY last summer, i.e...Batali, Ramsay, etc. but I am interested in "Hollywood memorable" good dining...


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  1. If you're looking for steak, stay away from Spago... been there twice and ordered the steak and they can't cook it right to save their life. I've heard the tasting menu is the thing to get there so keep that in mind.

    I recommend Cut.

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      Thank you mrshankly, it doesn't have to be steak...though we like steakhouses, and do try one on every vacation, but this time, we just want it to be a good "Hollywood" splurge!

    2. You will not go wrong at either Spago or Cut. Both have star quality, both have Puck's staff and professionalism. If you enjoy tasting menus then put yourself in the chef's hands at Spago, but if you are hankering for beef then do a comparison of some of the different cuts and aging methods at Cut. Spago has the option of their garden patio, while Cut is more modern and in a ritzy BH hotel. The tasting menu at Spago is extravagant, but if you do more than taste a sliver of the Wagyu Cut may actually end up costing more, especially with red wine. Either one is a worthy choice, much superior to Dan Tana's.

      1. there is only one spago and a dining experience it will be for both of you. as recommended get the tasting menu; it will not disappoint. you can find wagyu at any number of steak places these days and cut to me is just another steak joint and there are better ones in this city besides. as for dan tana, why? not in the same league.

        again, there is only one spago....

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          can you list the steakhouses that you feel are better than cut?

          1. re: wilafur

            OH...not trying to compare steak! Just trying to do a "Hollywood" worthy visit! I agree with eder that maybe I should look for Japanese Wagyu at home, but I won't pay like that at home...

            I was only asking about Dan Tana for the atmosphere, but it is still pricey looking at the menu...

            I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out which place to choose!

            1. re: ck1234

              i got ya. but i am curious as i've not yet had a great steak in LA....still on the hunt.

              for lunch, go to the ivy on roberston....quintessential la-types....and you will more than likely see a star or two or six.

        2. I'm going to say Spago; the place is just so iconically "LA." That being said, I do believe CUT is the top steakhouse in the City. Dana Tana wouldn't be on my radar.

          Now, if you want to go all out, there's always Urasawa if you like Japanese. It's $350pp but it is an experience that really can't be duplicated anywhere else in the States (except at Masa in NY for $500+pp). Here is a recent report:

          1. been to both a few times and Cut wins by a big margin.