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May 11, 2009 04:21 PM

Looking for help with top picks for great dining in LA

Hi. I'm planning a long weekend with some friends (all major foodies) and trying to see what is out there that is great. May do a few old standbys (but want to confirm they're still great) and also see what is new we may not have heard about.

Old standbys (appreciate views on whether they are still exceptional):

Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza
Chateau Marmont restaurant (food just OK, but love the garden)

Anything new and great (Michael Mina's XIV looked interesting, but have been out of the loop on what's new in LA).

Also, who does the best box dinners for the Hollywood Bowl? We have a box one night and I don't love the catering at the Bowl. We've done carryout from the Little Next Door which was good, but not the most organized.

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  1. The Bistro Garden at Coldwater Canyon has never disappointed us for their Bowl dinners.

    1. Mina's XIV was disappointing and but I went as a large group.

      For small plates, I much prefer Bazaar but it's booked solid. An alternative would be Saam the higher end tasting menu only section of the restaurant. Plenty of seating open in Saam on the weekends.

      1. You may want to check out
        The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel
        Church and State (downtown)
        Bottega Louie (also downtown)

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          Appreciate the thoughts so far. The Bazaar looks really interesting. Especially when it seems as if it could be flash and no substance, but what a great review.

        2. Don't leave Saddle Peak Lodge off your list.

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          1. Angelina Osteria and AOC are on our "old standby" list.

            I agree with JPomer on Church & State. Great Bistro food and a lively setting. Duck confit and Charcuterie app. are fabulous.