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May 11, 2009 04:20 PM

Japanese Curry Recipe--Looking for a good one.

Anyone have any good recipes for Japanese curry? I make Thai, Indian etc. Would like a good one for a Japanese--to serve with rice and/or veggies. Also, tonkatsu etc..

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  1. i think that Japanese curry is one of those dishes you can't make from scratch--too many strange chemicals and such in it! Everyone I every saw make it in Japan used a mix for it. I mean, you could make a nice curry but it wouldn't taste like the "real thing."

    I suppose if I wanted to try, I would combine the usual curry suspects (ginger, garlic, onion, curry powder) and make a roux with flour and oil, add in some bouillon and water and voila! But it would still be different from what you get in a restaurant.

    Anyone every succeed in reproducing this?

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        Thanks Caitlin. This gave me quite a few ideas. The recipe in that thread reminded me of something in between mole, curry and bechamel sauce. I'm going to try it this weekend and take why I need and leave the rest.

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        It doesn't have to be superly authentic--just tasty. I live in San Francisco--which probably has some of the worst Indian food in the world. I've taken to making curries at home in that genre and I've been much the happier since...

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          If you live in San Francisco, have you been to Muracci's for Japanese curry? It's enormously popular. Making it from scratch seems like quite an endeavor!

      3. Every Japanese person I know that makes curry at home uses those prepackaged curry mixes.

        1. The curry-like substance I had in Japan (a thick, sweet, mild brownish sauce) always came from a box, but I have accidentally made things that taste a little like it when I have overblended and over-sweetened a curry. I know I'm making Japanese curry sound bad, but I do think that it has a certain appeal-- like the pleasure of Kraft Mac and Cheese from a box.

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   had a good recipe if memory serves me correct

          2. I actually like a recipe I found in a cookbook written by a woman who married a Japanese national, can't remember her name, but the book is titled "Let's Cook Japanese Food!" (That title is sooo funny.) It looks a little like a kid's cookbook, and the recipes are decidedly home cooking style. Her recipe for curry is based on ground beef, and it's not like what you get from the packets, but it's good in a different, lighter way. I believe she got the recipe from one of her Japanese in laws. I usually make it early and let it sit, simmering and adding dashi or broth througout the day to get the flavors I like. Otherwise, I find the curry flavor "raw" tasting. It might be worth a look to see if it'd appeal.

            If you want a more traditional recipe, the one in Hiroko Shimbo's Japanese Kitchen is particularly good over tonkatsu and rice.

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              After years and years of using the roux we found a great curry shop in our neighborhood and I have been trying to make curry from scratch. Sweat onions for a long time until sweet and tender and then add curry powder. In Tokyo we have S&B curry powder in a small tin. My former Japanese roommate always used a Japanese curry in a plastic jar with an American Indian on the label (and his curry rocked).

              Toast the curry in the pan with the onions and then added flour and cooked for a few minutes, stirring the whole time. Then added milk slowly as you would with a white sauce. After a while I switched to adding chicken stock.

              Loved the results and will only use the roux when in a pinch.

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                Today I had a great Thai Mango Curry at a place a old family recommend and this got me to think of looking up curry recipes and Japanese curry in the past has been a great stand by mix. But I am still hoping to find a curry I can make from on my own.

                But I have had great luck by heating curry in a dry pan prior to making the dish and also if I have the time like doing my cutting the day ahead I marinade the meat in the heat curry powder overnight in the fridge to get the flavor into the meat.

                I have been using a mix of ready made curry to get the heat, flavor and color I want. Lucky you will a curry shop in the area, wish I had that in the States.

            2. Elizabeth Andoh's most recent book, Washoku, has several Japanese curry for curry chicken, one for curry rice.