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May 11, 2009 03:08 PM

Siam Smiles Matawan NJ

All this talk of Thai food has me missing Cafe de Thai so very much.
Has anyone had the chance to try Siam Smiles, the place that replaced, took over, etc, the restaurant that Cafe de Thai used to occupy?

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  1. We had a wonderful dinner at Siam Smiles last night.
    Will post specifics shortly..

    1. We also miss Cafe de Thai. Honestly, more for the excellent French side of the menu, though we could never pass up the seriously delicious curry puffs.

      Lately, our "go to" spot for Thai has been Manow, in Lincroft. Siam Smiles is a lot closer to us. Looking forward to reading details about your dinner there.

      1. Siam Smiles
        1016 Rt 34 South
        Matawan NJ 07747
        No web site found or printed on menu

        Siam Smiles is a small restaurant with about 14 Tables located right next door to West Lake Chinese.

        This is not the same restaurant or menu as the previous, Café de Thai, no more french dishes. The gracious new owner explained they sold the restaurant to her, and the original owner and previous chef returned to Thailand for happy reasons.

        This is a family business. They take pride in their restaurant and the food they serve.
        Our server was a young man who was very professional.

        Restaurant is unpretentious, casual-cozy, dimly lit, candlelit on each table.
        Very busy Saturday night, with a steady stream of families, couples, and take out orders. BYOB. Good acoustics.

        Beef Satay, this came with a peanut sauce and cucumber salad. good.
        Mee Grob, excelled. Perfect flavor, grilled deveined shrimp and egg omelette over a nest of crispy rice noodles, raisins, scallions, and tamarind sauce. Loved this so much, wish that the plating was done a little differently to pair every bite of noodles with shrimp and egg.

        We shared two dishes.
        Chicken Pad Prig excellent. This came out of the kitchen with a perfect kick!
        Triple Delight was good, chicken, beef, shrimp bell pepper, onion, and scallion in chili sauce. This dish was even better when we went for seconds, the flavors more distinct.

        Rice fluffy!

        No room for dessert.

        Chili Paste and Powder will be brought to the table on request.

        Siam Smiles offers a similar menu to most Thai restaurants. Regionally do not know where in Thailand this food is influenced. They do not offer extensive seafood choices, like mussels, salmon, and whole fish options that are available at Thai Chili Spotswood NJ. They did have additional dinner specials on Saturday, soft shell crab dishes, and drunken spaghetti.

        We both were smiling after dinner - Will Be Back!
        For next time, admired the Shrimp and Scallop Dumplings, Siam Noodles, Spicy Green Papaya Salad!

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            Appreciate the review, shabbystorm. Putting Siam Smiles on my "go to" list.

          2. Another Great meal from Siam Smiles. We did take out.
            Although very enjoyable, for me, most meals seem to be a notch or two better when dining in house.
            Same dishes as last time. The chicken was SPICY!!!! Yum.

            1. Tried Siam Smiles for dinner - crispy pork , medium spicy .
              Pork and vegetables very good , rice though plentiful was a bit mushy .
              Service a little slow but not bad .
              Prices very good .
              Overall a more limited menu than Pad Thai in Highland Park but a good choice in the area .

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                Thai Thai in Old Bridge is another good option for the area.