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May 11, 2009 02:58 PM

First time in Montreal, where do we eat!

My boyfriend and I (early 30's) are heading up to Montreal this weekend (May 16th- May 18th). We are staying about a 15 minute walk from Old Montreal. We will be there Saturday and Sunday night. Can anyone recommend several great places to go to dinner?

We are looking for something not too cheap but not crazy expensive either; a good wine list and great cocktail list and a fun, lively atmosphere that is also romantic.

Also, are there any music clubs or lounges that would be nearby where we could walk to after dinner?

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  1. Try to get a reservation at "Garde Manger", fun, lively, probably a good cocktail list, don't know about the wine list.

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        I really like the following places in Old Montreal for dinner...check out the websites: Steak House

        Another favorite of mine but not in Old Montreal but just a taxi ride away to little Italy;

        Alos not in Old Montreal but really good for BYOW is :

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          I second the rec at L'orignal, we had a very good meal a month or so back.
          Also: The atmosphere at Mechant Boeuf(in the Nelligan) is fun, didn't have any food but a good cocktail.

          If you are staying a 15 minute walk from Old Montreal then you could quite possibly be in a neighborhood with exactly what you are looking for without going to Old Montreal. What neighborhood will you be in?

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            I second Wursthof with Mechant Boeuf ...I had a very good dinner at Mechant Boeuf. It is between $$ and $$$ not overly priced. I was impressed with the service and the atmosphere is really nice. They play really good music also and the bar is open late.I think it's open till 2:00 am on Saturdays. The Burger was Amazing I have to say.


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              I found Mechant Boeuf to be meh. There are better places you can spend your short time.

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                Mechant Boeuf is beyond meh. The food is so-so, the menu is rather limited and somewhat schizophrenic, and the whole DJ/pounding music thing is bizarre. The place is trying to be "hip" I suppose, but I don't think you can be a club and a restaurant at the same time, in the same room. Check please!

    1. Au Pied du Cochon is a must.

      536 Duluth Est
      Montréal (Québec
      )H2L 1A9

      Tél: 514.281.1114
      Fax: 514.281.1116

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        Unless you eat Pork Or Duck it may not be the best option APDC. This is not because I disagree that this is not a well known or highly praised restaurant. I have been to APDC it came highly recommended. However, I wasn't too keen on the menu because I don't really like Fois Gras or Pork related food.
        I am not a pork lover or Duck lover so the only thing I found on the menu was Onion Soup and Goat cheese salad. If you do eat pork or duck then I know this place has a lot of fans.

        1. re: Alyson777

          Even in winter, APDC's mains menu includes venison, bison, lamb, guinea fowl and a fish or two. From mid-May through late August, it also features an array of locally caught fish and seafood. If all you eat is chicken, beef or tofu, then it may indeed present a problem. Otherwise, there are plenty of choices.

          1. re: Alyson777

            They are on their Seafood menu right now in addition to their normal fare.

        2. While you are there on Saturday morning, make sure to get to Olive and Gourmando for breakfast or lunch. It is an absolutely delightful place that I visit as often as I can.