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May 11, 2009 02:32 PM

Good Ceviche - citrus and onion NOT ketchup based

So I'm not the biggedt ceviche fan but when it starts to get hot out I like to indulge in a nice ceviche. My idea of ceviche is nice fresh fish that is cooked in citrus of some sort then accompanied by other flavors like onion. I'm very fond of the ceviche they have at Balcones del Peru - it has great notes of citrus and onions strewn around the entire fish/shrimp. The last couple of times I've had ceviche in Mexican restaurants they are usually of the ketchup based cocktail with a heavy tomato taste. I'm not a very big fan of this version as I like the citrus and onion flavors. One time was in Xihautanejo and the other was yesterday at Tacos Bajas Ensenada (just stick to the fish tacos). Are there any other places that have the very fresh citrusy tasting ceviche in LA that you enjoy? I live around Olympic and Robertson. I don't mind driving but Balcones is about 20 minutes from my house with traffic and I only go there about once a month. I'd like to try some others and compare.

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  1. Puro Sabor, on Van Nuys Blvd. just south of Victory. Also Peruvian. GREAT ceviche, in the exact mode you describe. Great everything else, too.

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    1. Peruvian Ceviche is sooooo good.
      Mario's Peruvian Seafood is a little closer to you and just as good.
      Sounds like you have had Mexican Seafood cocktails, not ceviche. I do think most of those are overly ketchup-y as well. However, when it is done right it can be transcendant -La Serenada di Garibaldi in Bolyle Heights is my favorite. The balance of the tomato and cilantro is heavenly.

      1. you could try the taco truck that parks on south side of rose ave between lincoln and main st in venice.... it is called "la isla bonita" and he is there from 10 am until 4pm everyday except thursday.... their ceviche tostadas are incredible!!! i am sure that you will like them...

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          Anyone know what has become of La Isla Bonita, the taco truck on 4th and rose? They weren't there last week when I drove by and around the area.

        2. Pachanga in Manhattan Beach(Rosecrans) and El Segundo(Main & Imperial). Their ceviche is fabulous. You can get it in soft tacos, or on a tostada with fresh avocado on top. E.S is takeout only and MB is casual sitdown. Citrus, onion, and cilantro. Simple and good.

          1. This is a post from several years ago:

            We were there last weekend and it is really delicious...what a surprise! We loved it, and there was no ketchup in the base...just cilantro, lime and onions with whatever seafood you order.

            La Cevicheria
            3809 W. Pico Boulevard in Mid-City LA