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Mug & Muffin Bordentown NJ Farnsworth Ave

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They will be opening a second location very soon, May 2009, they were moving the chairs in... Farnsworth Ave Bordentown.


Let us know if anyone has tried this.

Random Note: NJFoodies had previously noted in a Feb Post of another restaurant.

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  1. Still not open but they did have a blackboard in the window, stating that they are indeed moving forward.

    1. Isn't there a M&M in Hamilton, or somewhere on Route 33 in Mercer County?

      1. Yes there is..this is the second location.

        Random Side Note: Have learned so much from posting on Chowhound, like the tag line reads, most are looking for hyperdeliciousness.

        Sure this place does not fit that bill...
        In my world, love the possibility that a new restaurant might have something yummy that will make me and maybe someone else out there happy.

        1. Tried the coffee here last weekend. Barely OK. What you might get at any random diner. Beanwood, a few doors away has really outstanding coffee.

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            I've tried the coffee at both places. The first time I tried Beanwood's coffee (Jan'09), I wasn't the least bit pleased. Mug & Muffin's dark note is outstanding and I like that they also offer "brewed flavors" like chocolate raspberry as opposed to flavored syrups. You get the flavor without the extra calories. As far as atmosphere, I found Beanwood to be a little cold and sterile feeling and Mug & Muffin to be warm and inviting with a real home-like feel.

          2. Mug & Muffin goes BYO on New Years Eve and will be featuring DJ Randy Now. I think their coffee is ok, but it's the building that will always have a special place in my heart! =) -mJ

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              I bought a suit once at Miller-Magowan, which occupied the storefront for many years, and yet that building has no special charm for me.

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                LOL Carl. I lived on the 3rd floor of that building for many years in a great little apartment. Many great memories there, and that is where I spent my first few years in NJ. Was a great location to everywhere in town, and what a "Little city with a lot of charm" it is! -mJ

            2. I had a breakfast wrap there. It was food but I could not reccomend it beyond that. Coffee was OK.

              1. R.I.P. MUG & MUFFIN

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                  Yuppers, noticed this a few weeks ago. Still surprises me that they would open a coffee shop 4 or 5 doors down from an existing coffee shop, but good on them for trying. Hopefully something good will go in there! -mJ

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                      They are indeed! I saw it on Luigi's Facebook this morning! Should be very interesting to see what they do with the inside of the restaurant, but here is to wishing them the best! Now we just need another new restaurant to come to town and open in their old location! What's i find funny is the fact that we used to live on the 3rd floor of the building they are moving to! Good stuff! -mJ

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                        Well, I strike my words about another restaurant coming to their old location. I ran into Mama (Estella)last night as she was bringing one of our neighbros dinner who just had a triple bypass(talk about great customer service!). Needless to say, she is very excited about the new venture, and hope to open by October 1st.

                        She also stated that they are not going to close Under the Moon during the renovation, or at all for that matter. The new restaurant will open, and they will operate both of them. She wouldn't give any details on the new venture, so I think that there is a great surprise in store for us! Here is to wishing them the best of luck! I am really curious to see what kind of spin they put on the new place! And also curious to see what they are going to call it! Regardless, I am sure it is going to be awesome! -mJ

                        Under the Moon
                        210 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

                        1. re: njfoodies

                          The sign reads coming soon " Under the Moon", so I guess thats what their going to call it. I really don't think they will keep both restuarants open at the same time. Bordentown has proved that it cannot support all of the biz's in the downtown area. We need more GOOD retail to bring in people from other towns. All of the antique shops went under and we don't need any more restaurants.

                          Under the Moon
                          210 Farnsworth Ave, Bordentown, NJ 08505

                          1. re: princenacho

                            Well, Estella's plan for now is to keep both restaurants open. I saw the sign over the weekend as well, and would actually be surprised if the two restaurants had the same name, but who knows. I am really curious to see how the two restaurants are going to differ. She won't give up the info yet, but I am sure we'll see soon enough.

                            Couldn't agree more on good retail, and with all of the open storefronts in town right now, it is a shame that the Downtown Business Association isn't promoting the town more, trying to draw in new businesses.

                            Bring on a bakery/pastry shop, a cheese shop(similar to Carriage Trade in Medford), more women's boutiques, a boutique wine shop(think CoolVines in Princeton and Westfield), etc etc.

                            We've offered our help on various different boards in town, and nobody wants new or young blood. They are all in the old school mindset, and it will take decades for them to change. It's a true shame as the town could be so much more! -mJ

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                              EAGLE RACING opening up next to OLIVERS

                              1. re: princenacho

                                What's that going to be? -mJ