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May 11, 2009 02:23 PM

picky parents - east or west village

I apologize in advance for my incredibly narrow parameters here...

My parents will be in town for dinner tomorrow night, and my mother definitely wants to get a margarita at Mercadito beforehand (doesn't matter if it's the east or west village location), and then go somewhere within walking distance for dinner.

The problem is that my father is an incredibly picky eater -- it needs to be something American or Italian, and nothing too bizarre (they should have pizza or simple pasta or some sort of really plain chicken/burger/steak on the menu).

So -- any ideas? Good (but fairly traditional) Italian or American food, either in the West Village or the East Village...


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  1. Hmmm, how about Blue Ribbon Bakery, Hearth, Westville, Redhead, or Clinton Street Baking Company (technically LES)? Little Owl would be good too but possibly have a long wait. Its sister restaurant, Market Table, is another possibility.

      1. re: UWStoSONO

        Can you get in on such short notice? It's also just north of the Meatpacking District, so not exactly within the neighborhood parameters given.

        1. What about August or Extra Virgin? The menu at both places is pretty broad. You should be able to find something there.

          If you can get in to Scarpetta on one day's notice, you should also play the lottery...

          1. I think Supper would be perfect. Their pollo arrosto is excellent roast chicken with crispy skin - very simple (I think it is made with rosemary) and totally satisfying comfort food. It comes with really good mashed potatoes, from what I remember. And they also have simple pastas. missnatalie's suggestion of Crispo is probably also a good idea; I think it's likely your father will find things he likes on their menu. Speaking of menus:



            I want to recommend Lupa, too, but I'm afraid your father might be turned off by all the Italian on the menu (with glossary) and certain unusual ingredients in some of the dishes (cardoons, tripe, oxtail). But look at the menu yourself and decide: