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Old Fashioned Sticky Buns

I am looking for a place that makes old fashioned sticky buns or cinnamon buns.

Many many decades ago there was a place right by the last stop of the Frankford EL on Frankford Avenue, right underneath the tracks that sold the most delicious buns. No matter when you went in there, they were always fresh and hot. I think the place was called "Bucky's Sticky Buns". That's what I'm looking for.

Some people call them sticky buns and some call them cinnamon buns. I don't care what they are called, I just want to eat them.

I would like to find a place in the Phila. area but NOT center city. I cringe at the thought of driving there and/or parking.

I am particularly looking in the city line, Manayunk, Roxborough, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, Lafayette Hill, King of Prussia, Norristown, Blue Bell, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Main Line, (Bala Cynwyd, Wynnewood, Bryn Mawr, Narberth, Ardmore) areas. But I would consider going to other areas as well if you know of some place that has them.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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  1. They have very good ones at Beiler's in Reading Terminal. If you can put up with a trip on SEPTA (smirk), the market is connected to the Market East stop on many regional rail lines or the MFL.

    1. We're on the same quest. The sticky buns at Amelyn's are not bad. The store is in a shopping center across the street from Jim Wynn Volkswagen. I haven't been there in a while. The sticky buns at Fleck's in the Q-Mart in Quakertown are good too.

      Amelyn Donuts
      2030 W Main St
      Norristown, PA 19403
      (610) 631-2397‎

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        Drool. I love Fleck's. I still remember when Fleck's was in montgomeryville. Sigh. They were my grandfather's favorite treat. Last time I was at the Q-Mart I got there too late to get any. They always sell out.

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          Fleck's, absolutely--but as you learned to your chagrin, when they are gone, they are GONE. And as far as I am concerned, sticky buns and cinnamon buns are definitely two different things. Stick buns are, well, sticky. They are yeast raised rolls with "goo" in the pan, turned out so the goo runs over them. Cinnamon buns are not sticky, can be iced sometimes.
          I make my own and I have to admit, they are pretty good...

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            Oh I love to watch those buns turned out with all the hot bubbling goo running over them at Fleck's. They do it right in front of the sometimes long line of customers, with only a plexiglass window and a few inches between you and the hot buns. They hand you your cardboard box or three, still quite warm, and then you can wander around the qmart inhaling the aroma from the buns. Most people can get the buns out to the car intact, but it is very hard to resist eating some on the way home. Fleck's has been in business so long that it was one of the few places you could go on sundays back when the blue laws were still in effect. The old farmer's market in montgomeryville, their first home, was body to body on sundays, each family clutching two three or four precious cardboard boxes with the blue flecks label on them.

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              We moved to Gwynedd Valley in the late 60's. I remember my parents sending me up to the Montgomeryville Mart for Sunday morning rituals to get a box of sticky buns, a Sunday Inky and a few other provisions. Talk about torture! Try having a dozen sizzling buns dropped in a box and you have to drive back to Springhouse with the aroma permeating the car but unable to touch one of the 390-degree temptresses. ARRRRGGHHHH! (But it was worth the loss of fingerprints on my right hand.)


              P.S. Who remembers Bethlehem Pike as a TWO-lane country road going through nothing but cornfields from Spring House (Martin Century Farms across from the Spring House Tavern) up to Montgomeryville? And Eckert's farm market northbound just before Montgomeryville. They were the only early source of the first sweet watermelons and Silver Queen corn of the season? (Sigh!)

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                Great post chefpaulo! The soft pretzels from the old mart were not too shabby either. I miss the 202 diner. I remember my dad getting us a flight to the shore for a quick dip in the ocean once from the 202 airport. We had to wait for the pilot to finish his lunch at the diner. I miss the milkshakes from witchwood farms too. And Big Pixie. Yum! Could use a Big Pixie right now.

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                We would get two boxes from Fleck's - one started to disappear on the way to the car and was gone by the time we got home. The second lasted until sometime in the early afternoon. I've got to go to the Q-Mart this weekend!!!!!!

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                I'm enjoying this thread. I agree with you, dberg1313, about sticky buns and cinnamon buns being two different things. I'm always looking for good cinnamon buns. I'm hoping more people will post about those specifically. I'm not that keen on sticky buns.

          2. I know what you mean, but honestly, you have to make them yourself these days. Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill does a decent job of them.

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              Coming in very late on this, but I second the Night Kitchen. The best and butteriest of them. My dad used to slice them up the next day, slather them in butter and FRY THEM.
              Good times...

            2. definitely the amish in reading terminal, but also stock's bakery at mercer and lehigh in port richmond. they make excellent sticky buns. while you are there make sure you pick up a butter cake, danish, a pound cake and their absolutely perfect for 35 cents tea biscuits. :)

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                Wasn't there a place in the King of Prussia Plaza called The Sticky Bun? I remember getting them as a kid, sadly they are long gone like many KoP Mall fixtures...

              2. I love the cinnamon buns at Oteri's Bakery - on 5th Street in Olney. Not a great neighborhood but the cinnamon buns are loaded in butter!

                Tell Lisa (the ownner) that Beth sent you!!!!

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                  Oh I grew up in East Oak Lane and Oteri's was great way back then. Glad to hear they are still there - loved their rum cake too

                2. I love getting up early Sunday morning for a fast ride to Croyden for some Sticky Buns from Fritz's. They also opened up a second location near the Oxford Valley Mall. These are the best I have ever had, but in all honesty I have never had a need or reason to try the others that are listed.


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                    Holmesburg Bakery, 7933 Frankford Ave., & Haegele's Bakery, 4164 Barnett St., both in Northeast Philadelphia. www.holmesburgbakery.com

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                      Fritz's also opened a location in Bensalem in the shopping center across from Neshaminy Mall.

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                        I just wanted to let you know that I tried fritz's upon your recommendation and was not disappointed. They were amazing.

                      2. Giant sometimes sells Grilled Stickies from Penn State near the registers. They may not be as fresh as you are looking for but they are a guilty pleasure for sure!


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                          Grilled Stickies from Penn State are sold at lots of stores. I don't think they hold up against Flecks. In fact, the one box of Stickies we bought went in the trash more than 1/2 full.

                        2. Wow, blast from the past. Bucky's were the class of the field. Just paid $11 for a round from Night Kitchen on Germantown Ave. The problem with them is the usual problem, yes the topping is good, yes it is a yeast raised dough, but no longer does anyone put the nut raisin cinnamon sugar stuff inside the roll to be cut, just on the top. They are not 'rolls' they are dough with topping, not the same thing, regretfully not even close. Beiler's are closer, dough is cut but never raisin or nuts inside, just cinnamon and sugar and much cheaper, but they use shortening way more than butter. Hopefully, a Buky's does still exist. If ever in NY go to Balthazar Bakery, their sticky buns, while no raisins or nuts, are wonderful.

                          1. Addendum to last post, found some that looked very good at Wayne Farmer's market, but were $13 for a round or $6.50 for a log of three, seems pricey so skipped.

                            1. Thanks userfriend for bringing back a wonderful memory. I grew up in Olney and my father would stop at Bucky's for hot cinnamon buns before getting on the K bus. They had so many different toppings and you could smell them from blocks away. No matter where you live (Fl.), you can never forget Phila.

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                                l went to Florida for some years, one day woke up and came back.

                              2. Remembering Bucky's Sticky Buns...
                                I did a search for Sticky Bun recipes came across this blog...
                                I live up on the Boulevard,close to Sears & Roebuck
                                Saturday my Mother and I would go shopping on Frankford Ave
                                A stop at Bucky's was a must before going home.
                                You are correct about Bucky's and are truly unforgettable.
                                I'll attempt to duplicate thier recipe.

                                1. Alice Bakery and Confectionary in North Wales, PA make an excellent Sticky Bun. I am not sure what elements comprise an "Old Fashion Sticky Bun" so to that I can not make a comparison. However I can say that Alice's Bun is worth-the-drive for me!