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May 11, 2009 01:49 PM

onigiri withdrawal: source for individually wrapped sheets of nori

Now that Kotobukiya is closed I'm lost - have no clue where I can get packages of individually wrapped nori for onigiri. I'm looking for the type that Kotobukiya used to wrap the onigiri that they sold. Anyone know of a source in greater boston? Or online? plenty of places sell packages of nori sheets, but I'd love to be able to pick up some of the individually wrapped sheets, they just make life easier.

Would also love to know the recipe Kotobukiya used for the spicy tuna onigiri if anyone has the recipe or wants to take a stab?

arigato gozaimasu,


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  1. Cherry Mart on Newbury St does sell onigiri as well, though I really don't recall whether they sold individually wrapped nori. You can give them a try.

    Otherwise, I think just separating your cut nori from the onigiri is the way to go, or wrapping them in saran wrap before packaging. I'm pretty sure most Japanese families do not use the kind of nori sheets used by conbini for packaging, and hey, if it works for them..

    1. Cherry Mart carries onigiri made at Sea To You; they sell sushi supplies, so they probably have the wrapped nori sheets...

      1. Sometimes Japonaise bakery in Porter Exchange and in Brookline (Beacon st. near St. Mary's) have onigiri....they are quite good but unfortunately they are often sold out.

        1. Japonaise bakery in Brookline also sells onigiri and I am fairly sure Reliable market (mostly Korean) has individually wrapped nori.

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            Reliable DEFINATELY does sell the nori for onigiri - buy it there all the time. Reliable has a good selection of a variety of Japanese products.

          2. I had forgotton about Sea to You- thanks for reminding me! I was going to lament my inability to find other specialty ingredients in another post LOL

            Re: saran wrap, personally I hate the stuff and don't keep it in the house. Wax paper might be more suitable for wrapping and parceling nori... Plan B given no cellophane-wrapped-nori will be to keep the onigiri seperately from the nori until ready to eat (which is what I commonly do already anyway), but for hanami and other picnics/outings nothing beats the convenience of the cello wrapped nori sheets. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

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              I thought I saw individually wrapped sheets at Super 88 yesterday. They definitely had the kind I snack on the ones 1" x 3" or so, that come in a strip of individually wrapped sheets. Another package nearby looked like it had ones that were more like 4" x 4" (I'm guessing at dimensions). They were not in the section marked "Japanese".

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                What I meant was to use the saran wrap on the onigiri, not the nori. You can pre-cut the nori into the right size sheets/strips and then pack them in a baggie. You then unwrap the onigiri, and pop them onto the nori.