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May 11, 2009 01:33 PM

Cest si bon @ Portland Farmer's market

I love buckwheat crepes! These are delicious. I have had the cheese and the egg and cheese, and my partner has had the ham and cheese. It's our first stop Saturday morning.
I hope that the menu expands to include some of the amazing mushrooms at the market, maybe a morel and cheese buckwheat crepe....
Okay, I want one now!

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  1. you know, I had this a couple weeks ago and wasn't all that impressed. The fillings are pretty standard, which is ok, but it just wasn't all that great I thought. I prefer the crepes up on Alberta at the crepe place next to Concordia coffee that I can't remember the name of.
    It might be better if they would serve the crepe on some sort of plate since a bag is not the best way to eat a crepe and I would like to see more interesting fillings...

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        Yes! Thanks, I hate it when a name escapes me...

    1. I love it too,
      especially the sweet crepe with , the hazelnut cacao spread they make,
      delicious !