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May 11, 2009 01:09 PM

Anybody try Ritz Asia in Ridgefield yet?

It looks like this new restaurant may be open for business. I passed by this weekend and it was all lit up. It's in the place where Biksbee's failed. Anyone been there?

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  1. Really???? When I drove by on Thursday it looked like they were still working on the interior space.

    I'd love for it to be great, but I'm not holding out much hope....

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    1. re: hungrykids

      update: I phoned. No answer. I guess they aren't open (or they're REALLY bad business-people!!!). I'll be driving by tomorrow. If I have time to stop, I'll ask when they're opening and see if I can get a sneak peek at the menu.

    2. Just had to go by there and the grand opening is 5/16/09, Saturday. If anyone goes post a review on this thread.

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        Had dinner there on Sunday on our way back from visiting family near Rhinebeck -- looks like they're still working out some of the service kinks, and several items on the menu were unavailable, but that was to be expected given that it just opened. It is a sister resto to the one on Bleecker St in Manhattan, apparently. Menu seemed to be usual Asian fusion fare -- sauteed stuff in various sauce selections, sushi, pad thai, noodles, etc.; nothing leaped out as unique. Had the mango trio drink, which was refreshing and flavorful. My husband had tofu and vegetables sauteed in black bean sauce -- good but, again, not amazing. I tried the Indian noodle dish with vegetables -- but it turned out to be basically a vegetable lo mein -- rather disappointed. The striking decor feature is a very large Buddha statue in the middle of the restaurant. I'd try it again a little later on if we're passing by, to try more stuff on the menu and see if it improves, but probably wouldn't be a Drive-Out-of-Your-Way destination for us like, say, Fusion on Main in Flemington, NJ.

      2. Went on 5/22: Produces mediocre food in a brown, heavy environment. (no water features in dining room) Had ambitious drinks list: including juice bar , martinis, and "bubble tea", whatever that is.Offers kid's menu (choice of 4 selections) for $6 with drink and ice cream Also, Kobe steak for $84!.Our pork fried dumplings came out covered in an unappetizing greyish-brown sauce; the Thai pineapple fried rice was a stale looking tasteless dish. Has a claustrophobic bar behind a large cloudy water fish tank .Happily, has really interesting bathrooms: frosted glass doors opening to a spacious interior replete with colored painted ceramic sink bowls, and, for 10 bucks,you can get enough sake in a green plastic bamboo bottle to drown any thoughts of the middling dishes. Impression: a large, colorless Asian restaurant producing ho-hum food for people sadly trapped on Rte. 7.

        1. Despite the underwhelming reviews from mcamus and piki, we decided to venture forth this evening for dinner at Ritz.

          Piki's comments notwithstanding, we thought the decor was fine - if not awe-inspiring. More important for us, the kids thought it was "the coolest place ever" thanks to the green floor lighting around the raised central dining area. (A quick reminder about "cooler" places we've eaten quickly brought them back to earth.) The fish tank was very cloudy. The bar did look cramped (although we didn't try it, since we were with the kids). And the bathrooms were definitely the nicest looking part of the restaurant!

          We started with some edamame to keep the kids (and us) quiet while we looked over the menu choices. The edamame was delicious. Fresh, steamed to perfection, and tossed lightly with salt - just the way we like it. We were off to a good start.

          The kids ordered mango smoothies which were also a positive. Thick, delicious, and served with a funky wider-than-normal straw, we thought the combination of good edamame and yummy smoothies were an indicator of things to come. We were also pleased with the waitress, who responded thoughtfully to my questions about procedures in the kitchen. I have a serious allergy to buckwheat, of all things, and when I saw soba noodles on the menu, I asked her to be sure that the staff was careful about cross-contamination.

          Unfortunately, the beginning of the evening was the best part of our experience. From here it was all downhill.

          We ordered sesame beef, chicken pad thai, and shrimp in garlic sauce, along with a kids meal for my younger son. Nothing particularly challenging - certainly not unusual dishes - but we figured they would be good basic dishes we could compare to our regular Asian haunts.

          The food a word....gloopy.

          The sauces on the beef and shrimp dishes were both way too thick. It felt like the kitchen staff had a run-in with a box of cornstarch, and lost the fight. The pad-thai was okay - but it didn't really taste/look like pad thai. It was VERY orange and a little too sweet for us. Not terrible...just not wonderful.

          Lunch prices are better than dinner....and we didn't get a chance to try the sushi. So, maybe, just maybe, we'll give it one more try....

          Or maybe not.

          1. I like what they did with the old Biksbee's. However... what's with the music? From down-tempo electronica, to hot new country, to R&B. How about some traditional Asian music to slowly digest my food to?

            And the food??? Well, the hot sake was good. The hot & sour soup, not so much. My seaweed salad was eadible and the spicy tuna roll was so-so, though the wasabi was weak.

            My waitress asked me how everything was. I said, "OK... very OK."

            I played it safe with General Tso's chicken. It didn't taste like what I'm used to but it wasn't bad - I ate all of it - could have used some more broccoli. I also ordered some beef lo mein as an appetizer for the table but they decided to bring it to me as a second entree for some reason.

            The bubble tea wasn't anything like what you'd get on The Bowery, but then what is?

            Overall my party was unimpressed. I suppose Piki had it right about being trapped no Rt. 7, even if she didn't know what bubble tea was. For Ridgefield, it's not bad - par for the course. Sometimes I really miss The City...

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            1. re: shouldveknownbetter

              Me and my husband had a dinner there on friday night. The decor is very asian style. We ordered smoothies and classic bubble milk tea which were both very good compare to the city one. Then we ordered a cha shao bun appetizer recomended by the waitress, we never had this before it was very good too. I ordered a shrimp dish under the gourment entree selection and my husband ordered live scallop, some other sashimi and a kobe beef roll.I tried 1 piece of the roll it was actually pretty good; the shrimp that i ordered was delicious, the way they cook it was so special. My waitress told me that the shrimp was from hawaii. We wanted to try dessert but it was too much for us. I told the waitress that we will be back for the dessert and try other dishes.