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May 11, 2009 12:55 PM

Please tell us about Barbrix

I hear it (finally!) opened - has anyone been? I like the looks of the menu:

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    1. re: wilafur

      ah, ok. The website says it was open yesterday. I was hoping that someone had gone then.

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      1. I'm looking forward to it. I've really missed chef Don Dickman (the chef of the sadly shuttered Rocca in Santa Monica) whose food is consistently delicious.

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          1. Nancy Silverton at Barbrix last night! She sat at the bar. I squealed in delight. Review to come but happy to report that was delighted with the meal and service. Please was packed when I left at 9:30PM.

          2. Six of us went last night. We all loved it, but I really, really loved it. As best I can recall, here's what we had: deviled eggs (2 orders); hamachi crudo (2 orders); assorted crostini (3 orders); burrata with artichokes and roasted peppers (1 or 2 orders); shrimp and chickpea flour tortillas with an amazing cilantro dipping sauce (1 or 2 orders); assorted charcuterie (1 order plus 1 on the house); skirt steak with arugula (1 order); pork belly (1 order); endive salad (2 orders); roasted cauliflower (1 order); grilled polenta (1 or 2 orders); wild boar sausage (2 orders); ginger shortcakes (1 order); ricotta cheesecake (1 order) and two plates of chocolate chip cookies (on the house). I did not pay too much attention to what we drank, but we had two bottles of wine - one from Portugal and another from Spain; 2 glasses of prosecco, and 2 glasses of a lambrusco. Total, including tax but not tip, was just under $50 per person.

            EVERYTHING was absolutely delicious. The service was knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly efficient. In fact, things appeared to run so smoothly and everyone seemed so happy that it is really hard to believe it has only been open a week.