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Please tell us about Barbrix

I hear it (finally!) opened - has anyone been? I like the looks of the menu:


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      ah, ok. The website says it was open yesterday. I was hoping that someone had gone then.

    2. I'm looking forward to it. I've really missed chef Don Dickman (the chef of the sadly shuttered Rocca in Santa Monica) whose food is consistently delicious.

      1. Nancy Silverton at Barbrix last night! She sat at the bar. I squealed in delight. Review to come but happy to report that was delighted with the meal and service. Please was packed when I left at 9:30PM.

        1. Six of us went last night. We all loved it, but I really, really loved it. As best I can recall, here's what we had: deviled eggs (2 orders); hamachi crudo (2 orders); assorted crostini (3 orders); burrata with artichokes and roasted peppers (1 or 2 orders); shrimp and chickpea flour tortillas with an amazing cilantro dipping sauce (1 or 2 orders); assorted charcuterie (1 order plus 1 on the house); skirt steak with arugula (1 order); pork belly (1 order); endive salad (2 orders); roasted cauliflower (1 order); grilled polenta (1 or 2 orders); wild boar sausage (2 orders); ginger shortcakes (1 order); ricotta cheesecake (1 order) and two plates of chocolate chip cookies (on the house). I did not pay too much attention to what we drank, but we had two bottles of wine - one from Portugal and another from Spain; 2 glasses of prosecco, and 2 glasses of a lambrusco. Total, including tax but not tip, was just under $50 per person.

          EVERYTHING was absolutely delicious. The service was knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly efficient. In fact, things appeared to run so smoothly and everyone seemed so happy that it is really hard to believe it has only been open a week.

          1. Been looking forward to trying this place for some time. Went with a group of 6 friends and went to town. Here's what I remember.

            Started out with the sweet breads. If you eat them try these, they were perfectly done. Burrata artichoke was excellent . Crostini which can be a yawn for me were unique and tasty. Oh and the lamb meatballs!. Had the Cauliflower salad, Monk Fish (!) and wild Boar for mains. Would order all of them again. The Greek sardine was great. I love fresh sardines and was damn happy to see them on the menu. Had one of my favorite desert wines ever. Can't remember the vineyard but it was a Moscato d'Asti.

            In short a definite recommend. I would try every dish we ordered again and the server was really nice. In general the overall vibe was one of people enjoying serving you great food and wine. Can't ask for more than that. We priced out all in including desert , preseco, wine and muscat at $50 each.

            1. I hate to be a scrooge but ... be careful of enthusiastic reviewers who signed up today and only post about Barbrix.

              This is happening to Barbrix on Yelp as well.

              1. My lady and I ate at Barbrix last night. We're both very, very impressed. They pull off the none-to-easy combination of great food in a stylish yet very comfortable space with a knowledgeable but unpretentious wait staff.

                We had Italian olives, a cow's milk cheese ("Barely Buzzed") rubbed with espresso, grilled sardine, farmer's plate (which included beet, ramp, carrot, and treviso), cauliflower salad, and halibut. All were amazing with the exception of the halibut, which was only very good.

                Dessert was ginger shortcake with berry compote, yum.

                All in, with a bottle of Syrah/Mouverdre/Grenache called "Avenger" that complemented the food perfectly: $90 before tip.

                What is not to like? I couldn't be happier with this place, and the neighborhood is better for it. We'll be back soon.

                And in reference to an earlier post in this thread--this Hound is not new here.

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                  I'm anxious to go. I glanced over at it longingly when I was driving to Gelsons.

                  Can you tell us more about the cheese, semi soft, soft? Did the serve it with bread, crackers, etc?

                  1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                    The cheese we tried was medium-hard and served with sliced baguette, dried figs, quince paste, and marcona almonds. It didn't suck.

                2. We went on Saturday and really loved it. All of the food was fantastic, save the halibut which was good but a tad overcooked. The wine list was creative and reasonably-priced. Corkage is a neighborly $15, though they have many bottles in the $30-$40 range that make BYO a wash.

                  Service was enthusiastic without being cloying - no easy feat for a mobbed first Saturday night. We ate at the back kitchen bar, and while that was a fun way to see most of the dishes as they were made, I think I would prefer the wine bar in the future. The server coming from behind move is awkward when the space is tight.

                  Can't wait to return and try the salumi, steak, farro salad, pork belly, duck, and turkish chopped salad.

                  Based on looks alone, I will pass on the sweetbreads, meatballs and shrimp/garbanzo pancakes.

                  I will be a regular here.

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                  1. re: scurvy

                    Don't pass on the shrimp/garbanzo pancakes. They're really delicious!

                    1. re: scurvy

                      Agree regarding the sweetbreads - not much flavor really.
                      Farro salad is VERY good, btw.
                      That Croatian red wine recommended by Claudio is quite nice and very affordably priced, as are most all the wines.
                      If the night is warm, opt for the patio, as the restaurant is quite noisy. I had what was considered a "quiet" table, meaning the one behind the front bar, and it was not really so, or at least not to this deafish one.
                      Superb vibe and similar thoughts regarding the front of the house staff - top flight, yet attitude was non-existant.

                    2. Went late Friday nite and sat in back at the bar watching the chefs work it in very tight quarters. By the time we arrived they were out of a few things but that was to be expected.
                      We really enjoyed the grilled sardine, pasta, pork belly and mcgrath's farm plate. The cauliflower needed a little more flavor and the garbanzos in the dish were devoid of flavor. We really liked the chicken liver in the crostini plate and hope they will offer this on its own, much like the pork rillettes for the crostini was embarassingly small. And that's my only complaint. While both the food and wine prices are great, I think that there are a couple of dishes that, given the fact that they are going to be shared, should be slightly larger even given their low price point. For example, the crostini, the McGrath's plate and the Sardine.
                      Will definitely go back. Liked the vibe and everyone was warm and genuine even during opening week madness.

                      1. We were there on Friday Night. They were very busy but service was still warm and friendly. I loved the wine list, varied interesting selections and every glass I had was a pleasure. We had a lot of things and everything was great. The three that stood out in my mind were the Sardine, the pork belly and the Olives. They were out of sweetbreads but I can't wait to go back to try that.

                        1. Went with a group of 6 on Saturday night - 9.30 res. They serve until midnight, btw.

                          As the wife and I both have a restaurant/retail/hospitality background, we're ultra-aware of how challenging a new restaurant can be for both the owner and patron.

                          Now 3 weeks in, they're doing some excellent work. Small plates, ala AOC (actually a few similarities, but none of them over-the-top, btw), but somehow the tastes felt lighter - in a good way. I LOVE AOC, just to be clear. Some of the best meals of my young life have been there, but the BB dishes felt just a touch lighter.

                          Hospitality from both Adria & Claudio was gracious and warm and not overbearing. Wait staff was great, considering it's been three weeks. We ordered almost everything on the menu, and not one complaint. Food pricing is more than reasonable, and an interesting, affordable wine list was nice to see, too.

                          Only complaints? As we sat outside, we got some glare from the headlights at the valet stand - fixed easily with a shrub. Staff could be a bit more aware of the turnover of small plates, but at three weeks in, on a packed Saturday night, it never got crucial.

                          Overall it's a beautiful venue, with simple, well-thought out, delicious food. A return visit with another group is hopefully just weeks away.

                          1. Dropped by to check it out and have a tiny bite and a glass of wine last week. The wine list was simple, affordable and more than serviceable. I got really excited when I saw sweetbreads on the menu and really disappointed when out came deep-fried calamari style nuggets with an aoili straight outta the late 90's (no mention of the fact that they were fried on the menu). However. despite that typically LA misstep the place has a nice vibe, a nice wine list and the plate of veggies we got were nicely done. I do plan on going back for further research but more based on its price point and proximity than a wowing first experience.