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May 11, 2009 12:54 PM

Distilled water?

what happened to gallon (or even smaller) containers of distilled water in grocery stores? I've been looking for the stuff, hit up the local convenience stores - no dice. Harvest Co-Op? No dice. Shaws? No dice. Another Shaws? No dice. Yet another Shaws? No dice. Mind you, they have a lot of the RO stuff at a much more expensive rate but I'd prefer to find gallon jugs of distilled, not spring water.

Do people still sell the stuff?

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  1. Since distilled water does not taste good (the minerals in water make it taste good), distilled water is not usually sold for drinking.

    Distilled water used to be sold in stores for electric steam irons before these irons were built to handle water with minerals.

    It still is used for some medical purposes - look in a pharmacy for it.

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    1. re: Delhiwala

      But yet they used to sell it with other water in grocery stores (I know, I used to stock it many moons ago) and could swear that I've seen it not too long ago.

      1. re: trufflehound

        Ah, good call. I work above a CVS, just popped down and they do have it. Never thought to look there as I didn't want to lug the stuff back home w/ me. But there's also a CVS near where I live that didn't occur to me due to stupidity reasons, I'll check there tonight before lugging any home :)

      2. Distilled water can always be had at a drug store.

        1. They sell it at Whole Foods, 365 brand, so cheap....

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            Another place I didn't think to look at.

          2. I've found it at Shaw's, Roche Bros. & Stop & Shop--Poland Spring is the brand.

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            1. re: ShelT54

              Hmmm poland spring sells distilled? If so, I probably just overlooked it w/o realizing, assuming that anything w/ a PS label was spring water.