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May 11, 2009 11:46 AM

What's good to eat in Yoakum?

I'll be traveling to Yoakum on an upcoming weekend. What's good to eat there? I've never been before.

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  1. Only place I can speak of by personal experience is Harley's Cafe on Hwy 77. Plain old small town America cookin.

    1. TX Monthly's 50 Best Small Town Cafe's recommended H&H Cafe (bbq, cfs, meatloaf) I haven't eaten there but have tried a couple of the TM recommendations near me (S. of Houston) and was underwhelmed but may be the best in town. A poster on another board from Yoakum recommended Dairy Treet downtown for burgers (they serve an Akaushi beef burger from HeartBrand which is nearby) and Mi Casa downtown for beef enchiladas.

      Also, Novosad's in Hallettsville for barbecue and Klosel's in Moulton for 'fine dining,' including Akaushi (Kobe-style) steaks.

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        Mi Casa is an inexpensive, good choice if you're in the mood for Mexican food. They have wonderful cheese enchiladas and salsa. Moulton isn't too far from Yoakum (probably @ 20 miles) and Kloesel's Steakhouse there is a wonderful option for a more upscale dinner. There's no dress code and and its atmosphere is relaxed. More importantly, the food is good.

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          When I was out that way recently I noticed a fried chicken place right at the intersection of 90A and the highway up to Moulton (TX 95?) and a Kountry Kafe or something next door. Any knowledge of them? Both were busy around noontime. I go through Shiner several times a year and would like to know if they're worth a stop. Thanks.

          Edit: just looked them up in my notes - Friday's Fried Chicken (home-made hamburger buns), Country Corner Cafe.

      2. Thanks for all the suggestions on eating in Yoakum. After I posted my question, it occurred to me that we should stop in Luling and eat barbecue at City Market, since it's a favorite of so many chowhounds; and, we were driving right by it on our way from Austin. So that's what we did. I enjoy Texas barbecue but am not a connoisseur by any means. I'm from southeast Virginia and the barbecue I know is something entirely different.

        I thought the City Market brisket was very very good. I particularly enjoyed the flavor of the charring. I wasn't overly wild about the sauce. I guess I like a tomatoey sugary kind of sauce on my beef. The sides were okay. I had beans and potato salad. I like my beans pepperier and my potato salad vinegarier. One of my friends had the ribs and went on and on about how great they were. The serving lines are a little funny. I had to go to one line to get my barbecue and another to get my sides and drink. The servers were extremely nice. All and all, I had a very good experience but am not sure I'd drive an hour from Austin to do it again. I haven't tried the barbecue at the big three in Lockhart. I guess that's next on the agenda. I can't wait...

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          I live in Houston but have a ranch near Yoakum so I eat there quite often. The only decent restaurants are Fat Albert's BBQ and H&H Cafe. The Rusty Rooster is OK for fried chicken on the run. Kloesels Steak House in Moulton is excellent, especially the prime rib.