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May 11, 2009 11:02 AM

Four days in Copenhagen

which means four lunches and four dinners. Can't afford all to be blow-outs but would consider
two meals which are go for broke (but worth it). Is Noma best in the city? What about the two
restaurants at Nimb? The Paul? Geranium? We want great food but not necessarily precious.
And then how about some just really great food and fun places?

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  1. I was about to ask almost the same question, so commenting in order to more easily read the responses.

    1. If you dine out a lot at higher end places Noma could change the way you think about dining. The experience is unique. In other words it is the best restaurant in the city but one needs some points of reference to understand why. It is not your traditional upscale dining spot and the food is serves is very different. So there is a risk that some people might just not "get it". You need to be honest about what you like and dislike in the restaurants you normally dine at to determine if Noma is the right place for you. Do ideas like pigs fat instead of butter, huge raw oysters, raw beef, smoked marrow get you excited or nervous. The answers to questions like that will tell you if it is worth it for you to try to get a table at NOMA (which will not be an easy task)

      For example, very little protein is served. In particular in the summer you will be eating 80% vegetables and wild herbs. It is definitely not precious, in fact the service and atmosphere is very laid back but extremely professional. It is almost like being in someones home. The staff, everyone single one of them, is very knowledgable and customer focused.

      Avoid Kiin (one star Thai). Try Ida Davidsen for a very Danish experience as well.

      1. I love bringing friends & family who visit to Nyhavns Færgekro (on Nyhavn, obviously) for lunch (served until 3PM I think). It's an all-you-can eat herring buffet, pickled, smoked, fried, any which way at all (usually the buffet has about 15 different options). They also have a nice selection of akvavit (a strong Nordic snaps sold by the shot, excellent with this kind of fish dish) and plenty of the local Carlsberg/Tuborg on tap to wash it down with. If the weather's nice, you can sit outside and people watch. It's really the only meal on Nyhavn I'd recommend... they're otherwise tourist traps, overpriced and unremarkable.