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May 11, 2009 10:54 AM

Last minute graduation lunch tomorrow - help!

Hi all,

I'm graduating from college tomorrow, and I was just told by my dad that I need to find a place for 10 of us to have lunch before the ceremony at Lincoln Center. It needs to be reasonably priced (I'm thinking under $20 per person, but lower is better), within walking or a quick subway ride to Lincoln Center, and needs to be serving lunch at 3 p.m. Is this even remotely feasible?Ideally, the place would take reservations and have something for me (I'm gluten-free) to eat. We'll have two elementary school aged children with us, but they're very well-behaved. I thought about Landmarc, but it seems a little expensive. We're open to all cuisines.

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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  1. There is an Indian restaurant just a little south of there - on Columbus I think - called Sapphire - that might work for you. Not sure about the hours though.

    1. First, why don't you try Put in an approximate time and headcount, then sort results by neighborhood. From there, let us know what restaurants strike your fancy.
      After doing the search on my own, I came up with: Cafe Frida, Kefi, Toloache

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        Thanks for the suggestion! I made a reservation at HK Hell's Kitchen...has anyone ever been there? Any other suggestions?

      2. There is a place very close to Fordham's Lincoln Center called Rosa Mexicano that might be perfect. Here is the link:

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          Can you get out of there for under $20 a person though? I find that the tab tends to tally up pretty quickly.

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              Wow - I'm impressed. I guess we usually get guacamole and a main course and go at dinner. Here's the lunch menu for the OP:


              Looks like if one sticks with sandwiches/quesadillas/tacos etc., it's doable.