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May 11, 2009 10:37 AM

Sunday Brunch in T.O w/ reservations?


Does anyone know where in the downtown area or in the west end of the city that takes reservations for Sunday brunch? I have friends visiting in the morning, but they have to leave by noon to get to the airport, thus waiting in line-ups would probably not be the best. Unfortunately most places do not take reservations. i know Jamie Kennedy does, but just wondering what else might be out there.


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  1. The Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons would work. And you'd be guaranteed a cab waiting at the front door. :)

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      I just thought of Brassaii as a good option. They are on King West, so easy to get on the Gardiner, and they open at 10 AM and they take reservations.

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        I went to brassaii today for Sunday brunch and absolutely loved it. The food in my opinion was flawless. Some of the best house made hollendaise sauce I have had in the city by far. The peameal bacon was fresh and tender. They Lyonais potatoes are served with carmelized onions and are crazy good. The churros with chocolate espresso sauce was also a warm treat to start. Coupled with the decor, this place is a winner. I also think it is very reasonable, my main and shared app was $21 with tax. For the extra few dollars, I wil be heading there over the regular breakfast places downtown.

    2. I've found most brunch spots don't open till 11.

      1. Beerbistro, Frank, Celestin, Globe Bistro and the Studio Cafe at the 4 Seasons serve nice Sunday brunches and take reservations.

        ChalkBoy is correct that most brunches start at 11 a.m. Brassai, Kultura, Marben, Studio Cafe and Celestin have reservations available at 10 and 10:30 a.m.

        I didn't really enjoy the food at Brassai last time I was there for brunch.

        Check this link out for other restaurants that take reservations for Sunday brunch:

        1. I know that Bar One on Queen West is open at 9am... Or it used to be (we used to be in the neighborhood and that's where we would go if we rose early.) I would call ahead but at that time you probably won't have a problem.