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May 11, 2009 10:18 AM

Savannah & Charleston Eats

2 days in each - here is the list so far. Tell me you favs and if any should not be on the list.

Wiley's Championship BBQ
Forsytha Mansion
Old Pink House (elegant)
Bistro Savannah
local II Ten Food & Wine
Vic on the River
Pearl's Saltwater Grill
Alligator Soul
Walls BBQ
Zunzi (Takeout)
Noble Fare
Back in the Day Sanwiches
Tubbys (lunch)
Belfords (breakfast)
1790 Inn
Mrs Wilkes (cash only)
Spankys (lunch)
6 Pence Pub (lunch)
Express Cafe and Breakfast Club (bagels)
Blowin' Smoke BBQ

The Fig
Lana (coffee)
CRU Café
Fleet Landing
Caviar & Banans (Takeout)
Market Pav Hotel (Roof Deck)
Ruede Jean (French)
Peninsula Grill
Charleston Crab House
Bistro Savannah
Fulton Five (Italian)
Coast Bar & Grill
Hominy Grill (breakfast)
Venue Inn (rooftop bar)
Poogan's Porch (lunch)
Huck's Lowcountry Table

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  1. I'd add Cru Cafe in Charleston and Garibali's and Firefly Cafe in Savannah.

    1. Savannah
      Wiley's Championship BBQ - never heard of it
      Forsytha Mansion - you may be speaking of the Mansion on Forsyth and its restaurant, 700 Drayton - very good - the bar is a must for a couple
      Old Pink House (elegant) - old school and good: upstairs is elegant and downstairs is more casual
      Bistro Savannah - good, but Garibaldi's is next door and may be a cut above
      local II Ten Food & Wine - very good
      Vic's on the River - very good
      Pearl's Saltwater Grill - beautiful scenery out on the back marshes of the Herb River - perfectly mediocre food
      Alligator Soul - very good
      Walls BBQ - eh.... It's great attraction is it's a little hut down an alley - there is nothing special about the food, IMO
      Zunzi (Takeout) - South African chow - good
      Noble Fare - excellent - it and Elizabeth on 37th are the places you'd take your wealthy uncle from NYC or Paris
      Back in the Day Sanwiches - the curried chicken sammich is excellent
      Tubbys (lunch) - I've heard they're good
      Belfords (breakfast) - never done it
      1790 Inn - I don't know anyone who's ever been - could be good - who knows?
      Mrs Wilkes (cash only) - de rigueur
      Spankys (lunch) - LOL!
      6 Pence Pub (lunch) - never ate there - a decent place to grab a cold one (or three) walking up Bull Street
      Express Cafe and Breakfast Club (bagels) - yep, Express is good for breakfast or for lunch. Breakfast Club is out at Tybee Island and they close at 1:00PM. Gret breakfasts and their lunch specials are awesome.
      Blowin' Smoke BBQ - great 'que

      In Charleston, I can vouch for SNOB and Fig - I really dig both, but I'm sure a Charlestonian can steer you right. For my money, I always stay at the Vendue Inn. It's in an old downtown motel but it's got a really wonderful courtyard and the whole setup has a neat French Quarter feel to it. The staff and the hospitality are the best.

      Enjoy your stays in beautiful historic Savannah and her lovely sister city.

      1. Did a visit to these two cities not long ago, and felt the two "musts" were Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah and SNOB in Charleston. For Mrs. Wilkes, they're only open M-F for lunch from 11 AM to 2 PM, and a line often begins early -- I was told to get there about 10:30 AM, and that was good advice, as the line started forming in earnest right after that (and they don't take reservations).

        1. Certainly do Fig if you are able. They have Charleston's latest James Beard Award winning chef.

          Slightly North of Broad used to be on my list, but was treated like I wasn't important the last time I was there (they were busy and I probably WASN'T important). We were crammed in a corner by the end of the bar and amidst the standing crowd of waiting patrons (people's asses literally in my face). Why they would sit any customer at that table I'm not sure. They were actually using it as a waitstaff catch-all table (it took a while to get the staff's personal items taken away), but I guess they felt we were deserving of such fine seating and placed us there. SNoB used to be one of our favorite spots. We didn't eat that night and we haven't been back since (more than a year...and we're Charleston residents).

          Try Fig.

          1. McCrady's is, IMO, the best restaurant in Charleston.