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May 11, 2009 09:59 AM

Anniversary suggestions?

Hey everyone, I'm planning a nice anniversary dinner for me and my wife. Here is the criteria:

- Varied a la carte menu (my wife has several dietary restrictions)
- Something different and special
- Something in an area surrounded by other establishments, so we can make an evening out of the area
- Price range for food + tax + tip (excluding drinks), I'm thinking $120-150 (therefore < $200 if we have a couple drinks each).

So far, I'm really set on Colborne Lane. However, from all the posts I've read, I can't determine how many a la carte courses one should order for a filling meal. Can anyone help me with this? My only fear is that we may go over our price range here, but I could be completely misjudging the portions.

Any other thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!


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  1. Colborne Lane is lovely...but as someone who herself has several dietary restrictions I find it hard to eat here. Every dish has SOOOO many ingredients that inevitably I am allergic to something in almost every dish. Since dinner at CL is supposed to be a sampling of many things....this kinda ruins the experience for me. Quite possibly your wife will have the same issue.

    One of my fav restos for a celebration in the city is Nota Bene. Food is awesome, room is gorgeous, vibe is cool and sophisticaled but not stuffy and the service is excellent. It's on Queen lots of places around for after. Or you could just go upfront to the bar for after dinner drinks.