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May 11, 2009 09:49 AM

So how was the Mothers Day Food?

Did you do the brunch? Did you just forget about it? Did you cook? Did you get cooked for?

Personally I spent the morning out in the woods foraging for Morels. I pulled out about a pound in about a half hour. So it was a good start. For the Dinner we had my wife, 2 kids, Mother-in-law, My Mom, Dad, my good old (add Sarcasm here) Grandmere and myself.

Initially it was supposed to be the men in the kitchen cooking...Myself and Dad. That quickly evolved into myself doing a one man show. Although he did whip up a BBQ macaroni salad he found in Cook's Illustrated and some Upside Down Cajun pickles the day before. We also shared in whipping up some decadent Chocolate mousse.

I got the whip up a huge 7 pound Roulade of Beef Tenderloin served with Morel Duxelle and Spinach stuffing (Nice herbed butter on top), a basic Ratatouille, A spring veggie salad with Feta, and a Mint and Cherry vinaigrette, and old fashion good old pan fried potatoes. Also my mom did step in to whip up some Sesame roasted asparagus when I said I was not going to include it do to timing (someone else requested it) .

Although the meal was hastily put together with no clear rhyme or reason...all the separate components were dead on. The star of the day was the Beef. Cooked to a perfect rare state for 2/3's of the roast and medium rare on the tail.

I can tell it was one of my better days in the kitchen because I kept the salt and pepper off the table and no one noticed! :)

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  1. No cooking for this mom! My 2 adult daughters took me to a wonderful salad bar for a late lunch. The line was out the door, and we were warned that there would be a 20 minute wait for a table, but by the time we got our salads, we were seated immediately. We took our time and had a great time.

    Then for dinner my husband let me choose a place. I had a free dinner coupon good only on Mother's day and not at a chain restaurant either. So he was in a panic to get there early, thinking the place would be packed. Well, I was pretty stuffed from my late lunch, but I gave in and we went around 5pm. No line at all. The place was probably only 40% full. We had a nice dinner of fajitas, and since I ate such a small amount that's what we will have for dinner tonight! It was a nice day.

    Sure wish I could have hunted for morels with you Jan! Don't have those around here! Only had them once when I was a child in Indiana, and that was many years ago. Still crave them.

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      Sounds wonderful. Happy Mothers' Day.

    2. I took my mom and sister out for a Cajun-ish brunch. Then for dinner, I made: grilled shrimp and tofu, asparagus, roasted beet salad with fresh feta and walnuts, a green salad, and fresh focaccia--fairly simple but tasty. Oh, and a pavlova with cream, berries, hazelnuts, and a drizzle of chocolate on top.

      Pictures here:

      1. My wife and my mother both enjoy it when I cook for them on occasions. I'm the cook in the house and my wife mows the lawn; didn't I luck out!

        I went into the garden, picked fresh mint and basil, and made homemade pesto. This was stuffed into nice lamb chops and grilled over a rosemary scented hardwood fire.

        A yummy time was had by all.

        1. I was fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day brunch this year with my mom, who normally lives thousands of miles away. My parents were passing through town while visiting from the east coast so they brought some frozen lobster they got for a ridiculously cheap price. I made lobster omelets with fresh chives from my garden and a lemon-poppy seed loaf from one of Mark Bittman's books. I haven't spent mother's day with her since I moved away 19 years ago so we had a great day.

          1. My kid cooked all three meals. I was proud. She is 17 - Breakfast was simple - GF free pancakes, bacon and scrambled duck eggs. Lunch a massive tray of pulled turkey nachos with lots of fresh stuff - really good.
            Dinner - appetizer of spinach dip. Seared and then braised pork loin well seasoned and very tender and moist. A wonderful salad - she made the dressing and topped with some roquefort crumbles. Yam fries was the starch
            For dessert she made GFand cane sugar free( date sugar and agave were used) chocolate chip cookies...she winged it and I wish she wrote it down - good - moist - not crumbly very impressive.
            Odd ingredients are due to my allergies. Every thing was well seasoned - I didn't need any salt or pepper. Oversalting used to be an issue...not anymore. I get super freaked out when she fries...but dad was watching. I have/am teaching her well - she is getting really good. I stuffed myself.

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              That sounds wonderful! Congratulations!