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So how was the Mothers Day Food?

Did you do the brunch? Did you just forget about it? Did you cook? Did you get cooked for?

Personally I spent the morning out in the woods foraging for Morels. I pulled out about a pound in about a half hour. So it was a good start. For the Dinner we had my wife, 2 kids, Mother-in-law, My Mom, Dad, my good old (add Sarcasm here) Grandmere and myself.

Initially it was supposed to be the men in the kitchen cooking...Myself and Dad. That quickly evolved into myself doing a one man show. Although he did whip up a BBQ macaroni salad he found in Cook's Illustrated and some Upside Down Cajun pickles the day before. We also shared in whipping up some decadent Chocolate mousse.

I got the whip up a huge 7 pound Roulade of Beef Tenderloin served with Morel Duxelle and Spinach stuffing (Nice herbed butter on top), a basic Ratatouille, A spring veggie salad with Feta, and a Mint and Cherry vinaigrette, and old fashion good old pan fried potatoes. Also my mom did step in to whip up some Sesame roasted asparagus when I said I was not going to include it do to timing (someone else requested it) .

Although the meal was hastily put together with no clear rhyme or reason...all the separate components were dead on. The star of the day was the Beef. Cooked to a perfect rare state for 2/3's of the roast and medium rare on the tail.

I can tell it was one of my better days in the kitchen because I kept the salt and pepper off the table and no one noticed! :)

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  1. No cooking for this mom! My 2 adult daughters took me to a wonderful salad bar for a late lunch. The line was out the door, and we were warned that there would be a 20 minute wait for a table, but by the time we got our salads, we were seated immediately. We took our time and had a great time.

    Then for dinner my husband let me choose a place. I had a free dinner coupon good only on Mother's day and not at a chain restaurant either. So he was in a panic to get there early, thinking the place would be packed. Well, I was pretty stuffed from my late lunch, but I gave in and we went around 5pm. No line at all. The place was probably only 40% full. We had a nice dinner of fajitas, and since I ate such a small amount that's what we will have for dinner tonight! It was a nice day.

    Sure wish I could have hunted for morels with you Jan! Don't have those around here! Only had them once when I was a child in Indiana, and that was many years ago. Still crave them.

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      Sounds wonderful. Happy Mothers' Day.

    2. I took my mom and sister out for a Cajun-ish brunch. Then for dinner, I made: grilled shrimp and tofu, asparagus, roasted beet salad with fresh feta and walnuts, a green salad, and fresh focaccia--fairly simple but tasty. Oh, and a pavlova with cream, berries, hazelnuts, and a drizzle of chocolate on top.

      Pictures here: http://areyouhungryyet.blogspot.com/2...

      1. My wife and my mother both enjoy it when I cook for them on occasions. I'm the cook in the house and my wife mows the lawn; didn't I luck out!

        I went into the garden, picked fresh mint and basil, and made homemade pesto. This was stuffed into nice lamb chops and grilled over a rosemary scented hardwood fire.

        A yummy time was had by all.

        1. I was fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day brunch this year with my mom, who normally lives thousands of miles away. My parents were passing through town while visiting from the east coast so they brought some frozen lobster they got for a ridiculously cheap price. I made lobster omelets with fresh chives from my garden and a lemon-poppy seed loaf from one of Mark Bittman's books. I haven't spent mother's day with her since I moved away 19 years ago so we had a great day.

          1. My kid cooked all three meals. I was proud. She is 17 - Breakfast was simple - GF free pancakes, bacon and scrambled duck eggs. Lunch a massive tray of pulled turkey nachos with lots of fresh stuff - really good.
            Dinner - appetizer of spinach dip. Seared and then braised pork loin well seasoned and very tender and moist. A wonderful salad - she made the dressing and topped with some roquefort crumbles. Yam fries was the starch
            For dessert she made GFand cane sugar free( date sugar and agave were used) chocolate chip cookies...she winged it and I wish she wrote it down - good - moist - not crumbly very impressive.
            Odd ingredients are due to my allergies. Every thing was well seasoned - I didn't need any salt or pepper. Oversalting used to be an issue...not anymore. I get super freaked out when she fries...but dad was watching. I have/am teaching her well - she is getting really good. I stuffed myself.

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              That sounds wonderful! Congratulations!

            2. Had Mother's day at my mom and dad's house this year with my DH and our little guy, my brother, SIL, my niece and nephew. I brought a big bowl of fresh cut fruit and some pastry, mom contributed bagels, lox and smoked white fish and my brother cooked up some awesome hickory smoked bacon and eggs. It was a really enjoyable day. I'm so lucky to have such a great family. :)

              1. We took my MIL to the brunch buffet at the County Club. It was awful and expensive ($27.95/person) but she is 86 and that is what she wanted. By the time we got her back to the assisted living facility where she lives, she had forgotten she had eaten. I hate Mother's Day <g>.

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                  Oh, Janet, I had to laugh. We have spent too many years to count at the Country Club, eating awful/expensive food on Mother's Day. Can't count the inedible Filet Mignons we have put away. The awful carving station, and being packed in like sardines. My MIL passed away this year, and believe it or not, I kinda miss it.

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                    I'll put you down for next year if the ole' battle axe is still living :-)

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                      LOL, Thanks, but no thanks. The feeling is passing.

                2. Took Mom to a huge Flea Market, later shared a bottle of Clicquot Rose Champagne, threw together a dinner of tenderloin steaks portobello mushroom caps,iceberg wedges and baby green beans w/ shallots. For someone like me who is a better "eater" than "cooker" it was a wonderful simple meal. And for my mother who is always "watching her weight" not tooo fattening.

                  1. We went to a lovely brunch at my favorite local place and it was very good. Took a walk on the beach then my five year old rubbed my feet and I fell into a four hour nap...heaven!

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                      I'm guessing that you didn't fall asleep on the beach, leaving your five year old to run around in the ocean.

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                        LOL! My husband was with him....although he is probably more mature.hehehe

                    2. Mother's day lunch at grandmom's was combined with a family trip to the beach this year since grandmom lives an hour from the beach we were all at the beach already (thanks to a series of unfortunate coincidences and swine flu paranoia). No time to cook/pack/transport a decent meal to grandmom's house, plus no decent cooking facilities at the beach house or grandmom's, so we decided to do take out. As far as take out goes, grandmom likes KFC, and not much else. So, long story short, we had KFC +sides/biscuits, a few fresh veggies, and strawberry shortcake with homemade pound cake.

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                        I'd put up with KFC if I had a beach house.

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                          It was a rented beach house, a consolation prize for my aunt/uncle/cousins who were supposed to be in Russia this week and last but had to cancel at the last minute due to H1N1 control measures.

                          Grandmom doesn't like to travel, so we do whatever needs to be done so we can spend mother's day with her. If the beach trip hadn't worked out we all would have been driving in from 3-4 hours away just for lunch (no hotels in town and not much room in her house) so it probably would have been KFC for lunch anyway. It all works out at her birthday party in August though, when the fig bush in her backyard is in full fruit and we're so stuffed with fresh figs and farm stand tomatoes that lunch is an afterthought.

                      2. After a hideously busy week by all concerned, I managed to drop the ball and didn't call my brother-in-law to coordinate M-Day plans until sometime Saturday, when he and his wife were out shopping in Little Saigon. This turned out to be a fortuitous happenstance, as they were where they could buy some very fine flash-frozen shrimp, which he boiled with some wonderful seasonings. His wife is French and an excellent cook, with a special interest in potatoes, and she did the best potato salad any of us have ever eaten, incorporating bacon and eggs among other things. I did the green salad with leaf lettuce, some baby Spring greens, chopped Belgian endive and more bacon, with a lemony-mustardy vinaigrette. For dessert I just hit up Trader Joe's for my favorite sorbet combination, lemon and chocolate, and a box of the delightful super-thin Meyer lemon cookies. Well, it may have been a last-minute semi-coordinated affair, but we all agreed we'd never had a better lunch. That nice bottle of muscadet didn't hurt a thing, either.

                        1. I cooked a tuscan stew with wild boar for my mom. It was delicious.


                          1. My well meaning husband took me to a local restaurant for brunch. The fruit plate and mimosas were fabulous. The rubber pancakes, rock hard french toast and bad coffee... paled in comparison to finding someone else's hair in my scrambled eggs.

                            'A' for effort on DHs part poor guy. 'F' for the restaurant.

                            1. Our Parish always holds it's "Fiesta" (carnival) fund raiser on Mother's Day weekend. The food, the food, the food. Every ethnic group has a booth and puts out magnificent offerings. From burritos to pizza to egg rolls to BBQ.

                              My adult children took me to church, then to Fiesta where I had 3 of the best tacos in the universe (booth sells out every year)

                              Then we went to see "the Soloist"

                              1. Went to a seafood resturant. Main dish of fried softshell crabs and spinich was not edible (it was so salty). Very angry with the food I got and the price I paid (for food no one could eat). It was an "upscale" restuarant and I'm not going back.

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                                  My mother hasn't been feeling very well, so my sister and I cooked for the family at her place - margaritas, shrimp and grits, spinach salad, and apple pie a la mode. All 3 mothers had a good time.

                                2. Took my wife to Chester Pike's Galley for lobster Benedict and uber corned beef hash, then to camp (Mainease for lakeside cabin) for a relaxing day; lobster rolls on the way home at Tracey's. For supper we had Carolina style BBQ, that I made the previous day w/ potato salad and fresh asparagus. Oh yes, a few bottles of wine too.

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                                    You're making me miss Maine! That sounds delicious!

                                  2. Picked up pre-cleaned small squid and asparagus at the farmer's market that morning. Cut squid in inch wide rings and tossed with rice four & cornmeal (let firm set in fridge for a while) and fried in oil just to get a crunch. Served with the asparagus steamed along with Yukon gold potatoes roughly cubed and roasted with dots of butter, a little cream and spiced with a touch of dry mustard and poultry seasoning. There was a wasabi-ginger mayo for the squid and the asparagus. Heavenly.

                                    1. Casa jfood had the following menu:

                                      - Shrimp cocktail with some good horseradish cocktail sauce
                                      - A nice brie and an Irish Blue Cheese
                                      - Some homemade Gazpacho
                                      - Mozzerella with Tomato and Balsamic
                                      - Skirt steaks marinated in a wasabi light soy
                                      - Grilled salmon with lime-honey-hoison
                                      - Edamame salad
                                      - Grilled Asparagus
                                      - Chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries

                                      1. Mom and I drove to the CT shore and had, in her own words, "a wonderful day!" En route, we stopped for a decadent, chocolate-dipped almond macaroon and a strawberry and cheese croissant at a local bakery.

                                        We stopped at a nursery along the way and bought some lettuce and mesclun mix. Next stop was at a local favorite for a hot buttered lobster roll in Clinton at Lobster Landing (my mom calls it a visit to "the lobster lady" for the woman running the show). It's right on the water (just casual little tables outside--not at all fancy). This is my mom's very favorite place for a lobster roll and a recent find after enjoying them at another local favorite (Lenny & Joe's) for 25+ years. Next we went rollerblading (yes, my mom is 73 and rollerblades!) and did some more plant shopping before hitting DQ for a hot fudge and caramel sundae. An overall fun day of terrific food and company! :)

                                        Lobster Landing
                                        152 Commerce St, Clinton, CT 06413

                                        Patisserie Du Glace
                                        158 Main St, Deep River, CT

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                                        1. Now that was a great menu. Perfection is all I could say.

                                          1. What a wonderful day. Took mom to the TPC in Ponte Vedra then came home to a home made meal prepared by my teenage daughters. Tiger Woods & Chicken alfredo. Soooo Good!!