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May 11, 2009 09:30 AM

Pate in boston- any recommendations for gourmet grocery store?

I'm so disappointed that I have not been able to find a gourmet grocery store that has pate in Boston. Plenty of nice cheese shops, but I can't seem to find any fresh pate.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. You should call first to be sure, but I am pretty certain that Savenor's and Wine and Cheese Cask, both near the corner of Kirkland and Beacon Streets in Cambridge, do have paté.

    1. I presume you've tried:


      There are also the Russian markets, Berezka and Bazaar in Allston and Balkin Deli in South Boston which are very reasonable.

      1. I think the pate at Fromaggio is great- the mousse de canard and the pate de campagne in particular.
        It seems quite pricey when you look at the cost per pound, but a few fingers wide is never very expensive.

        1. permberton farms (mass ave in north cambridge) has a couple of varieties.

          1. THANKS EVERYONE! I'm looking forward to trying Formaggios!