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Pate in boston- any recommendations for gourmet grocery store?

I'm so disappointed that I have not been able to find a gourmet grocery store that has pate in Boston. Plenty of nice cheese shops, but I can't seem to find any fresh pate.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. You should call first to be sure, but I am pretty certain that Savenor's and Wine and Cheese Cask, both near the corner of Kirkland and Beacon Streets in Cambridge, do have paté.

    1. I presume you've tried:

      Savenor's: http://www.savenorsmarket.com/Cambrid...
      Fornmaggio's: http://www.formaggiokitchen.com/

      There are also the Russian markets, Berezka and Bazaar in Allston and Balkin Deli in South Boston which are very reasonable.

      1. I think the pate at Fromaggio is great- the mousse de canard and the pate de campagne in particular.
        It seems quite pricey when you look at the cost per pound, but a few fingers wide is never very expensive.

        1. permberton farms (mass ave in north cambridge) has a couple of varieties.

          1. THANKS EVERYONE! I'm looking forward to trying Formaggios!

            1. formaggio's is outstanding, and my first choice always.

              I would add that Wilson's carries "three little pigs" pates, and I would be shocked if Russo's didn't have something to offer. Trader Joe's carries "three little pigs" among others as well, and it's not bad in a pinch.

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                Hee, hee. "Three Little Pigs in a pinch"...I'd bet a fair wad of cash that the pates Formaggio is selling are also three Little Pigs, just cut from a large terrine...
                And, BTW, there's nothing wrong with TLP; they were the first people to do French charcuterie in the US 25 years ago....

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                  Do you really think so? Ugh. I mean, I like TLP but I'm expecting more from Formaggio. I'll try to get it out of them on Saturday.

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                    Oh I don't think there's anything wrong with TLP either - I love it! I don't think it's as "fresh" though (for cured meats, who cares? but for pate...), and I do love what they offer at formaggio.

                    I don't know if *every* pate at formaggio is made in-house, but they usually clearly label what is theirs. I had the pleasure of hanging out with the woman who handles curing/sausaging/pate making (I know there is a word for this...I know it! but I can't remember) and I can assure you, they are serious about making great charcouterie!

                2. If those don't work, Milton Marketplace (of the Fruit Center at Milton Marketplace) used to also carry several varieties of pate.

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                    Ten years ago many places (Bj's, Shaw's, Trader Joe, etc) used to carry fresh wrapped packaged pate imported from Montreal. How come I never see them anywhere anymore? Any place in the Boston area carry those?

                  2. I second Formaggio Kitchen--they've got a great selection. The Butcher Shop in the South End has a few really good pates & an excellent terrine. They also make some FINE sausage.

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                      Esprit Du Vin in Milton (right off the Mattapan Trolley (Central Ave. Stop) had three types of foie gras, pate, and chicken liver mousse when I was there. Plus they have excellent cheeses and authentic breads. Keith and Jean-Paul are excellent recommenders of terrific wines. Many of my favorites are well under 20! This place is a real treasure.

                    2. FYI the charcuterie at Formaggio's is made in house (although they may carry imports as well). I believe the stuff at Savenor's is as well. I've had both the chicken liver pate and a pate de campagne at Savenor's and both were good but not amazing. The ones at Formaggio will blow you away. They even make head cheese, if you are feeling adventurous. The young woman who makes Formaggio's charcuterie (and her approach to it) was recently written up in the magazine "The Art of Eating".

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                        FYI the piece in Art of Eating on charcuterie is also referred to here, although they don't mention Formaggio: